Lola (Non-Canon) of One Piece

Lola is an actress from the third special and was in Randolph’s theater group. However, she left and left him behind.

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 3 – Protect Her! The Last Great Show.


Lola is a young and attractive woman of average height with long, reddish hair. She wears a light fur necklace around her neck and a yellow strapless dress, which reaches her ankles and is decorated with purple ruffles. Furthermore, she wears two golden bracelets on her left wrist.


Lola is very cold-hearted, so she left the theater group just before the last performance. She didn’t care that Randolph’s big final performance might not have happened as a result. She backs up her selfish attitude and lack of morals when she helps the frigate Captain Governor get revenge on Randolph by framing him for a crime.


While Randolph had just finished the last rehearsal with other actors, Lola appeared with two other actors and announced her decision to leave the theater company. She said that the theater was stale and worn out, and there was simply too little money in it for such a great actress as herself. Suita, Randolph’s manager, reacted in shock since the show would soon begin, but Randolph told him to let her go. All three then left the theater, but they were able to be replaced by the Straw Hat Pirates.

Before the final act, however, the Navy, led by Frigate Captain Governor, appeared and had arrested Randolph, accusing him of stealing weapons and reselling them to pirates. In fact, stolen Navy weapons were found in a storeroom. When Randolph then confronted the Navy captain, Lola and her two accomplices appeared and hardened suspicion by answering in the affirmative to the charges. They even testified that they had to help him and could not contradict him since he was, after all, the theater group leader. In the end, however, it was they who worked for the vengeful Governor and planted the weapons there.


  • Her name was first mentioned in the episode credits and confirmed in One Piece Rainbow!

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