Leo of One Piece

Leo is a dwarf and leader of the dwarven warriors of the Kingdom of Tontatta, the dominion of the dwarves on Green Bit Island in the New World. After the events on Dress Rosa, he and his people joined the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.


Leo as a pirate

Like all dwarves, Leo is about the size of a human hand. He also has the bushy tail typical of his species, as well as a long, pointed nose. On top of his head he wears a hat that remotely resembles a crown, on top of his forehead he has pushed a pair of aviator glasses. He also wears a tie over his bare torso, dark pants held up with a brace, and black gloves.

After Leo switched to piracy, he wears a dark coat as well as a typical pirate captain’s hat with the Jolly Roger of his pirate gang on the front and two feathers on the left side.


Since the dwarf is a warrior, he has a very self-confident character that easily borders on the imperious. Thus, he ordered the arrested Robin to be quiet and called her an evil person. Contrast this with his bona fides; for example, he immediately believed Robin when she promised not to be an evil person and seemed relieved, after which his bossy character also thawed. Furthermore, he is very loyal and firmly believed in the strengths and abilities of Usopp and of the toy soldier.

Like Luffy, Leo feels no sense of romance, so Princess Mansherry’s advances have no effect on him or he misunderstands them.

Skills and strength

Leo frees Robin from his seams

Leo belongs to the species of dwarves. Thus, like his fellow dwarves, he possesses extraordinary physical strength for his tiny body, allowing him to literally ram a full-grown man into the ground. Furthermore, he can move at lightning speed, making him invisible to the naked human eye. As a weapon, Leo carries a pistol, though he has yet to actively use it. Instead, he is usually seen armed with a sewing needle in battle. In addition, Leo possesses the abilities of the sewing fruit. This allows him to, among other things, sew people to the ground, which is what he did to Nico Robin to fix them.


On Green Bit

The dwarves have captured Robin

When the Caesar delivery team consisting of Nico Robin, Usopp, Law, and Caesar Clown reached Green Bit, the group split up to search the area before the exchange of the scientist to Donquixote Doflamingo was to take place, as the navy was also present on the island. The two straw-hatted pirates also very quickly found a squad of the navy, who had been stripped of their clothes by Leo and Kabu for not wanting to give the dwarves weapons as they had ordered them to do. When Robin used her devil powers to turn in the thieves, Kabu recognized her as a dwarf.

The dwarf’s capture did not last long, as he caused both Robin and Usopp to fall asleep from a gas. They were then taken to the Tontatta Kingdom on Green Bit. There, Leo and his friends searched the archaeologist’s luggage, though the dwarves found no weapons they had hoped for. After Robin woke up and affirmed she was not evil, Leo was relieved and believed her without questioning it. A brief conversation with the king of the dwarven kingdom, Gancho, confirmed Leo’s good faith and they promised to let her go if she would hand over her weapons in return. However, because she had none, the dwarves wanted to rob her of her clothes in exchange, as they had done with the marines before. Before it could get that far, however, she was indirectly saved by Usopp: The gunman had told the dwarves a lie that he was the descendant of Mont Blanc Noland and therefore a hero, and that Robin was his girlfriend, which the gullible dwarves believed. Leo saw the arrival of their hero’s descendant as a sign that they would win the upcoming battle and asked Usopp and Robin to support them in the war against Doflamingo. Usopp, who secretly hoped to find a moment that he could steal away, agreed to do so. Together, they then traveled to the underground base under the Flower Mounds of Dress Rosa to meet up with the rest of the rebels.

Operation SOP

The operation SOP will be discussed again.

Once at the underground base, they met the Toy Soldier, who was the commander of the rebels, as well as Franky and Zoro. The Toy Soldier and Leo explained the history of the land, the takeover of Doflamingo, the enslavement of the dwarves, and the transformation of humans into toys to everyone present. In order to liberate the country and stir up chaos, Operation SOP stipulated that the rebel army would go to the underground port to the Commander’s Tower to defeat Sugar, who had turned all humans into toys, thus nullifying her devil powers. Meanwhile, Franky would draw attention to himself and the toy soldier would sneak into the palace to defeat Doflamingo once he is human again.

Through a secret tunnel, the dwarves and Usopp and Robin managed to get into the underground port. Leo and Rampo knocked out two guards they spotted shortly after so Usopp and Robin could take their clothes to go to the commander’s tower unnoticed. Leo planned to put a Tatababasco bullet under Sugar’s candy so that she would lose consciousness after eating the bullet due to its sharpness. But since Sugar was being guarded by Trébol, the plan had to be rethought, which Robin came up with. While Robin and Bian distracted Trébol into leaving the tower, Leo, Bomba, Cotton, Inhel, Flapper, Bobomba as well as other dwarves attacked Sugar. However, the latter was able to turn half of the dwarf army into teddy bears, which she was able to control. This forced Leo to fight Flapper, among others. When Sugar radioed Trébol what was going on, he threw a ship at the tower in anger and returned, trapping all the dwarves with his glue. With a ruse, he got Leo to talk that the toy soldier and Usopp were behind the attack. Shortly after, Trébol blew up the glue.

In the ruins of the tower, Usopp found Leo again and suggested retreat, but Leo refused, as too much was at stake. He scrambled to his feet and got the dwarves to do the same, to attack Sugar again. But the dwarves were no match for Sugar and Trébol. Usopp ran away shortly after, still hearing the dwarves say that Usopp would surely save them or avenge them. Meanwhile, Trébol tormented the dwarves, stepping on one after another. Conquered by guilt, Usopp actually returned and told the dwarves that he was only a liar, so they should stop their praises. Leo and his comrades were then brought to tears. But Usopp then promised to fight for them anyway and attacked Trébol. Usopp ended up being no match for the latter, and Sugar administered the Tatababasco orb meant for them to Usopp, believing it to be poison. Due to the sudden sharpness, Usopp’s facial features slipped, causing Sugar to become so frightened that she fainted. Leo and the other dwarves then said that Usopp really was the hero of the dwarves.

The birdcage

Leo and Kabu are unstoppable.

After the toys became human again and Doflamingo then began his birdcage game, the dwarves gathered back at the underground port and took Usopp, Robin, and their new allies to the coliseum. After Rebecca, Robin, and Bartolomeo decided to bring Luffy the keys to Law’s handcuffs, Kabu and Leo decided to accompany them, then search for Mansherry at the palace.

When they made it to the fourth level of the palace, the dwarves separated from Rebecca to search for the princess. In the process, they defeated anyone who got in their way. Kabu and Leo then found her in the punishment room, where she had just been forced by Giolla to heal the officers of the Donquixote pirate gang again. Leo and Kabu were able to prevent this from happening, defeating Giolla and saving Mansherry. Shortly after, even though he refused at first, Leo carried Mansherry outside to Robin, Kyros, and Rebecca. When Law was thrown to them by Luffy, Leo reattached the latter’s arm, with Mansherry using her powers to heal it again. Leo then assisted the humans in stopping the birdcage. After Luffy’s victory, the dwarves saluted their commander Kyros with tears of joy, declaring their mission complete.

Foundation of the straw hat large fleet

The seven leaders pledge their allegiance to Luffy

While Luffy was recovering from his fight against Doflamingo, the former fighters of the Colosseum discussed how to proceed. They all decided to join the Straw Hat Pirates permanently as allies. After Luffy recovered and the navy – led by Fujitora – moved out to capture him, the pirates fled the navy on Orlumbus’ ship with the help of the civilian population. Once at sea, Cavendish, Bartolomeo, Sai, Hajrudin, Ideo, Leo, and Orlumbus communicated their decision to Luffy. The exchange of sake bowls was to seal the alliance. Luffy, however, declined because he felt commanding a fleet of several pirate gangs was too uptight. He didn’t want to have supreme command over them, but rather to continue to allow them their freedom. However, should one of their own ever need assistance, he would rush to help and vice versa should he need their assistance again. The seven leaders were then only more convinced of their resolve, and declared that if they had freedom to do as they pleased, they would still be his allies, no matter what Luffy might say. Thereupon the Straw Hat Grand Fleet was formed.

Some time after the Straw Hats left, Leo and some dwarves decided to become pirates. As such, they diligently helped rebuild Dress Rosa. In gratitude, the people of Dress Rosa presented the newly formed Tontatta pirate band with a pirate ship, the Lysoland. After the dwarves inspected the ship, Leo and other dwarves were invited to King Riku Doldo and designated as his escorts for the upcoming Levely in Mary Geoise.


In addition to the dwarf escort and King Riku, the kingdom’s delegation included Rebecca, Viola, as well as Kyros. On the way to the Levely by sea, the news of Luffy’s actions in Big Mom’s territory reached them through the newspapers. They rejoiced, but the King clarified once again that they were not allowed to show their joy about it at the Levely. A little later, their ship is attacked by pirates targeting Viola, but they were rescued by Koby and Helmeppo, who were part of their escort. Rebecca, and with her Leo sitting on her shoulder, noticed that Koby was happy about the news concerning the straw hat, so she wanted to talk to him privately about the subject. Finally arriving at Mary Geoise, they ran into many old friends of the Straw Hat Pirates, including Shirahoshi and Vivi, with whom they quickly became friends. However, trouble quickly broke out when Saint Charlos showed up there and tried to forcefully make Shirahoshi his slave. While Rebecca and Vivi protested unsuccessfully, Leo charged towards Shirahoshi with his gun drawn to free her, in the process even Sai couldn’t stop him. But before a physical assault on a world aristocrat could occur, the CP0 and Rob Lucci in particular stood in the way. Leo lay on his back, defeated without a chance, while the agents of the World Government informed everyone present that their intervention had just saved their country from destruction. But even this did not calm the situation and only Saint Mjosgard was able to put an end to the goings-on by intervening as a world aristocrat himself and placing Princess Shirahoshi under his personal protection out of gratitude to her mother Otohime.

Back home

After completing the Levely, the dwarves began their journey back home. In the waters off Green Bit, they later discovered a Tarte ship. On board was the badly battered Pound, whom they brought ashore and treated on Dress Rosa.

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