Leo (Non-Canon) of One Piece

Leo is first assistant to Señora Carmen.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
For more information on this, see Filler Episodes.


Leo has a too large head, which does not harmonize well with the rest of his small body. As for his clothes, we can say that he is dressed like a bullfighter. Leo wears a blue hat on his blond hair and always carries a red cloth and a pizza slider. His blue shirt and pants feature gold trim, as does a red tie. He also wears blue shoes.


Carmen’s assistant, like Sanji, seems to have a bit of a thing for Carmen, which is why he reacted to the kiss on the hand with an angry look. He also doesn’t seem to know Carmen very well, so he was surprised at her congratulations and praise of Sanji.


The Three Meet Sanji

When Sanji was shopping in Loguetown, he met Carmen and her two assistants. They helped Sanji explain the background of Carmen’s search for him. After Carmen had challenged the cook of the Straw Hats to a cooking duel, they left again. Later, the two were also present at the cooking competition. Sanji won that one and when he made a nice comment to Carmen that Leo didn’t like at all, Leo attacked him with a pan but was kicked back by Sanji. Jose ran over to him and helped him get back up.

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