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Rake is the grandson of Wetton.

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Rake, like everyone in the family, has red hair and wears those a bit longer. Most of the time he is seen in the purple uniform of Wetton’s soldiers, though his is a bit more splendid than the normal soldiers’. Thus, Rake’s uniform still has spikes and fur on the shoulder.


Rake, like his grandfather Wetton, is very much into money. He proved this with his attack on Sanji for not wanting to pay the port tax. Once this was done, he spoke very kindly to the strangers. Chopper noted that he talked too much for his taste.

Skills and strength

Rakes electric suit

Rake itself has no strength worth mentioning, but it does have an electrosuit. This was developed by Henzo. The suit allows him to shoot around with lightning and to distribute electric shocks. Because of this, Sanji had no chance against Rake with his unarmed fighting style, as one of his kicks hit the suit and he received a thunder shock. Chopper initially thought Rake had devil powers, but it quickly became apparent that the suit was powered by the muscle of a soldier pedaling a few feet away.


Arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates

Rake fights Sanji.

Since the Straw Hat Pirates had refused to pay the port tax when they arrived on Ruluka, the soldiers brought Rake to help, who then met Nami, Sanji, and Chopper in town. Should things escalate, Rake had donned his electric suit just in case. This was also needed as Sanji immediately attacked him. However, the pirate received an electric shock and was able to dodge Rolling Thunder afterwards.

After further attacks from Sanji’s side he had to realize that he had no chance against the electric attacks. So he fled with Nami and Chopper without further ado. However, shortly after, Rake was hit by a flying coin thrown by Rapa Nui and fell to the ground.

Thinking the coin was Sanji’s, he took it and announced that the port tax was now paid. He spoke to them now, and told them that the Going Merry had been seen entering the Rainbow Mist, and also that, according to the mayor, there was treasure there.

To recover it, Henzo had been ordered to find a way. Nami wanted to set off into the mist, but Wetton appeared and said he would not allow any of the citizens of this town to do so. He also hit Rake on the head with his stick because he had told the newcomers too much.

At the port, in the fog and back

Rake is looking to clinch with Zoro.

Together with Wetton and the soldiers, Rake watched the Tarierishin walk along the harbor, having come out of the rainbow fog. Wetton thought that the fog had now reopened and hit Rake again on the head for telling the straw hats about the fog. Wetton therefore called Rake’s father Flip to lock Chopper, Nami and Sanji in the rainbow tower.

As Nami quickly got into a small boat, Wetton and his grandson attacked Chopper and Sanji with their fire and electric suits. He watched a moment later as Nami drove into the mist, using Henzo’s rope as a backup. However, back came only Ian with Nami’s boat to tell Wetton all about the mist and its treasures. After Wetton was provided with enough information, he activated the Rainbow Tower, which was a tube leading into the Rainbow Nebula, where the troops were searching for the treasures.

There he met Zoro, who intended to defeat him. This was no longer necessary, however, as Robin pulled the cables to his suit, and Rake fell into the water with it from clumsiness. Wetton, realizing he had no chance against Luffy, used a lever to explode the tower.

The explosion made the fog unstable and they had to get out of it quickly. The air blast from the cannons fired from the wrecked navy ship finally got the Going Merry outside. There the navy appeared, the leaders of the unit being the aged Rapa Nui and his friends. Rake was arrested by them for his crimes.


  • He also calls himself Volto.
  • He was often knocked on the head by Wetton for addressing him as “Grandfather” instead of “Mayor.”

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