Laffitte of One Piece

Laffitte, known as Demon Sheriff (jap. 鬼保安官, Oni Hoankan), is both navigator and courier for Blackbeard’s band of pirates. After Blackbeard’s ascension to one of the Four Emperors, he was additionally appointed captain of the Fifth Fleet.


His appearance is reminiscent of a Tap dance. He has very light skin and black hair. Furthermore, he is very slim. As headgear the Navigator uses a black Cylinder (disambiguation). He also always carries a walking stick with him.


According to Vice Admiral Kranich, Laffitte lost his post as sheriff in the Westblue for being too brutal. Until now, however, he never let it show, because he always appeared relatively calm and kept rather in the background during violent confrontations, unlike his crew members Jesus Burgess or Van Augur.

Strength and skills

As the gang’s navigator, Laffitte must have very good navigational skills to maneuver the crew through the dangerous waters.

Furthermore, he seems to be able to grow wings.

Laffitte can also hypnotize others, which is how he managed to get the Marines to let the Blackbeard pirates into Marine Ford by opening the gate for them.


As one learned from Vice Admiral Kranich, he used to be a sheriff in the Westblue, but his brutality was his undoing, so he had to disappear from the Westblue and has been with Blackbeard on the Grand Line ever since.This fact only occurs in the anime.

In the anime, you learned this from Vice Admiral Mozambia instead of Crane.


Meeting of the 7 Samurai

During the meeting of the Samurai of the Seas in Mary Geoise, he suddenly appeared in front of the assembled and unceremoniously proposed his captain as Crocodile’s successor and thus as the new Samurai. His crew was on Jaya at the time, where they were hunting the Straw Hat Pirates.

Kurobeard vs Ace

Later, he was also present at the fight between Portgas D. Ace and his boss Blackbeard on Banaro.

Breaking into the Impel Down

The gang is poisoned.

While Luffy was fighting his way through Impel Down with some allies, Blackbeard and crew arrived there. Of course, Laffitte was there as well. To stop the gang, Magellan released the imprisoned Shiryu, former commander of the keepers, for the time being. The Blackbeard gang now ran into Luffy and his alliance. The latter, however, let the pirates move on. Soon after, Magellan heard that Shiryu had failed his mission and wanted to take care of the problem himself. He met them and unceremoniously poisoned them with his hydra. Luckily for them, Shiryu came by with an antidote and was able to save their lives. The latter subsequently joined the gang.


The Blackbeard gang takes down Whitebeard.

After Ace was killed by Admiral Akainu, Whitebeard attacked him in anger and damaged the naval headquarters, the Blackbeard pirates, who had been watching the fighting for a while, were discovered. The gang had grown by now, due to former inmates of Level 6 of the Impel Down. When Sengoku asked how they made it here from Impel Down, Laffitte explained that before they left for Impel Down, he hypnotized the marines in charge of the gate so that they would open the gate for any ship. Later, Laffitte, like the rest of the gang, attacked Whitebeard on Blackbeard’s orders, thus killing him. Afterwards, the Blackbeard gang threw a black cloth over Whitebeard. Blackbeard went under it and Laffitte asked the marines not to disturb his captain. After Blackbeard appropriated Whitebeard’s devil power, Sengoku finally intervened and attacked the gang with a shockwave. After Shanks’ appearance, the gang finally retreated and left Marine Ford.

In the New World

In the New World, Teach Jewelry managed to defeat and capture Bonney. He demanded a navy ship from the navy in exchange for them. However, on board was Akainu, so they had to flee.

Ascent to the Emperor Gang

A year after the Battle of Marine Ford and Whitebeard’s death, the remaining Whitebeard gang, led by Marco, challenged the Blackbeard pirate gang to a war of retribution. However, the Whitebeard gang suffered a crushing defeat and after this battle Blackbeard was finally recognized as Whitebeard’s successor as one of the Four Emperors. Blackbeard used the knowledge of Whitebeard’s former territory and eventually made it his own with his band of pirates. They also became notorious for hunting down powerful devil fruits to gain their abilities. It was also during this time that Laffitte was appointed captain of the Fifth Fleet.

Attack on the rebels

After Donquixote Doflamingo’s defeat, Burgess was seriously wounded by Sabo on Dress Rosa. Burgess hid on a Revolutionary Army ship and thus accidentally ended up at their headquarters on Baltigo. He then contacted Shiryu and Laffitte via Den-den Mushi to inform their captain of the hideout’s location. As a result, the Blackbeard pirate gang attacked the headquarters and completely destroyed it. Shortly after, the navy and the Cipher Pol reached the island and Blackbeard’s gang had to flee.


  • Information about Laffitte’s naming
  • Laffitte’s favorite is Lollypop Candy.

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