Lacroix of One Piece

Giant Lacroix is a Vice Admiral of Naval Headquarters and a member of the Giant Unit.


Lacroix after the time jump

Lacroix is a giant who wears a navy cap. He wears a dark suit, the sleeves of which he has rolled up, with a tie and a typical navy cape. A gigantic katana is attached to his trousers.

Skills and strength

Lacroix fights in battle with a gigantic katana. Therefore, he seems to be a pretty good swordsman. Because of his rank, he must have tremendous combat power. The fact that he, alongside Lons, was standing guard right next to Ace’s scaffold shows the confidence the navy has in his abilities. He has been in many fights, however, he has never fought anyone bigger than him until the fight against Little Oars Jr. As a Vice Admiral, he is also proficient in Haki.


The great battle

Vice Admiral Lacroix, alongside other giants such as Vice Admiral Lons, guarded the scaffold where the condemned Portgas D. Ace awaited execution at the Battle of Marine Ford.

After the battle started, he got ready for the fight along with the other giants on Kizarus’ orders. When the giant unit was pelted with an iceberg by Jozu, Akainu came to their aid.

Lacroix and another giant fought their way through Whitebeard’s ranks and confronted the gigantic Oars Jr. at the very beginning of the battle. Oars Jr., who destroyed a naval ship, threw the same ship at the two giants, but they resisted with all their strength. However, the giants could not do anything against the giant. Lacroix was finally slashed by a sword blow from Oars Jr. and was defeated.

When Sengoku ended the war, Lacroix was seen being supported, badly injured, by one of his colleagues.

Two years later

When the royal guests arrived at Mary Geoise for the Levely and the Navy intercepted an unencrypted conversation between the two emperors, Big Mom and Kaidou, Lacroix lingered nearby at the Red Port. While other vice admirals present chatted about the emperors’ conversation or the “Rocks,” the giant ate and drank.

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