Lacos of One Piece

Lacos is a fighter of the native village on Asuka.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – The Curse of the Sacred Sword (2004).


He has brown hair and a ribbon tied around his head. Over his left shoulder he has tied a piece of leather and underneath he wears a simple grey shirt. Lacos’ belt has a yellow-orange pattern. He wears white pants and leather shoes.


As the strongest warrior in the village, he possesses quite a bit of courage and is not afraid to attack alone when outnumbered. In contrast, Lacos gets emotional easily, crying when he heard Maya’s sad story.

Skills and strength

Lacos is the most skilled fighter in Maya’s village and thus their leader. In battle he uses a short sword and a round shield.


When attacking enemy pirates, he fought against them together with the other warriors. Lacos single-handedly defeated some of them.


Meet the Straw Hats – Attack of the Marine Dojo

Raid on the village

One day Maya came storming into the village and warned the inhabitants about the pirates. Lacos didn’t hesitate and called the men to arms. Nami, Robin, Sanji, and Chopper showed up, and Lacos stood in front of Maya and Izaya to protect them. Shortly after, however, they found that the supposed enemies were okay and a conversation ensued. However, more uninvited guests arrived, the marines from the dojo. They were led by Zoro, Boo Kong and Bismarck. The marines outnumbered the villagers, however, and later Lacos had to stand up to Boo Kong as well, but Boo Kong knocked him out with one punch. Shortly after, Zoro took the three jewels from Maya and disappeared again with his new companions.

The night of the red moon

Fight against marines

In the evening, Chopper tended to the wounds of some of the injured, including Lacos’. On the night of the red moon, he and Sanji went to one of the towers to bring a crystal ball there to prevent the Seven Stars Sword from becoming more powerful. In the process, Bismarck and some marines got in their way. Lacos took care of the soldiers and Sanji took on Bismarck. The fighting was eventually successful for both of them and they were able to get the crystal ball to its destination. Over the course of the night, Saga was defeated and the curse of the sword was broken. The next day, it was time for the people of Asuka to say goodbye to the Straw Hats.

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