Laboon of One Piece

Laboon is a giant whale that lives in the Cape of Twins. He is waiting for the return of the Rumba pirate gang he once followed as a cub.


Laboon and the The Going Merry

As a giant whale, Laboon is a very large animal. He is so big that the Straw Hat Pirates first thought he was a mountain. On his forehead, the whale has a lot of scars from ramming Reverse Mountain. Later, Luffy painted the Straw Hat Pirates’s Jolly Roger on his forehead as a promise to see each other again and to stop Laboon from ramming Reverse Mountain.

Personality and strength

Laboon rams Reverse Mountain

As a giant whale, Laboon possesses great physical strength. For example, when Luffy fired a cannonball at him, it didn’t bother him in the slightest. He has also been ramming Reverse Mountain over and over again for many years, causing tremendous shaking. He himself, however, takes the pain.
About his personality, Laboon is a very peaceful animal and has a strong loyalty character. For more than 50 years he has been waiting at Reverse Mountain for his friends who had to leave him behind.


Laboon and Brook

52 years ago, the young whale became aware of the music of the Rumba pirate gang and accompanied them from then on. He even helped them fight enemy pirate bands. When the pirates were met at Reverse Mountain by Crocus, he noticed the whale that had followed them there. After a rest, however, the band left their friend at Reverse Mountain with Crocus, as it would have been too dangerous to take him with them, with the promise that they would pick him up again after sailing around the Grand Line. But this promise has not been kept to this day, and so the whale has been waiting for his friends ever since.

Laboon says goodbye to his friends

Twenty-six years ago, Crocus temporarily joined Gold Roger’s band of pirates. He hoped to find the Rumba pirates by doing so and left the whale alone for three years. When he returned 23 years ago, he told Laboon that he could not locate the pirate gang and that they had probably escaped back across the Calm Belt into the Westblue. Laboon didn’t believe him and has been howling and ramming Reverse Mountain to get to his friends ever since.

As you learn later, Brook is the last survivor of the Rumba Pirates. He has not yet forgotten his promise and, just like Luffy, wants to return to Laboon one day.


Meet the Straw Hat Pirates

Laboon and Luffy’s Work

After passing Reverse Mountain, the Straw Hat Pirates reached the Cape of Twins. At first, everyone thought that the giant whale was just another mountain, but upon closer inspection, they realized what it really was. Luffy fired a cannonball at Laboon, but that didn’t bother the giant whale in the least. Then, when the ship crashed into it and the figurehead broke off, Luffy became enraged and unceremoniously punched Laboon in the eye. In return, the latter opened its mouth and swallowed the Going Merry. Inside the whale, they encountered Vivi and Mr. 9, who wanted to kill the whale to sell the meat. Furthermore, they met Crocus, who was medicating the whale from the inside and protecting it for all the world.

After Vivi and her partner were temporarily captured by the Straw Hat Pirates, Laboon engaged in another fight with Luffy. However, this fight was interrupted by Luffy. He promised the whale that they would continue the fight as soon as they returned from the Grand Line. As a sign of the promise, Luffy painted the Jolly Roger of the Straw Hat Pirates on his forehead and asked him never to bang his head against Reverse Mountain again, or the picture would be obliterated. Laboon believed the pirate and now awaits his return.

After the parting of the straw hat gang.

After Brook joined the Straw Hat Pirates, Laboon was seen happily roaring to the heavens as if he knew his old friend was coming back for him.

When the newspaper reported the return of the Straw Hat Pirates, Laboon was seen behind Crocus drinking sake with an unknown person.

On their way back to the surface from Fish Man Island, the Straw Hat Pirates happened upon a school of whales that Luffy and Brook initially mistook for Laboon. The whales were larger than Laboon but, like him, bore many scars on their heads.

After the events on Dress Rosa, Laboon was in a good mood, while Crocus saw the new bounties of the Straw Hat Pirates.


  • His favorite food is giant squid.

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