Kyuin of One Piece

Kyuin was the head of the Smile Factory and thus under the command of Donquixote Doflamingo.


Kyuin is a tall, plump woman. Compared to her upper body, her legs and feet are exceptionally small. She wears a dark blue dress with “SMILE” written on it, a striped tie, an olive green coat and boots. Her face is partially obscured by a mask that looks similar to that of a wrestler. Her blonde hair is tied in two braids. On her right arm she has tattooed the characters for the word “factory” (工場).


Kyuin has a rather merciless and ruthless nature. Without hesitation, she used her vacuum cleaner to recapture the dwarves who had freed themselves after years of slavery. She also became very angry and threatened to kill Franky when he used her to attack Señor Pink. However, after the cyborg kissed her, Kyuin showed her vulnerable and girly side. She blushed and demanded Franky to be her steady boyfriend.

Skills & Strength

The fact that Donquixote Doflamingo had entrusted her with the management of the Smile Factory speaks for her having the appropriate skills. She also survived a suplex from Franky largely unscathed. She is armed with a large vacuum cleaner, with which she can recapture rebellious dwarves with ease.


Kyuin first appeared when the dwarves tried to escape from the Smile factory and open the doors to the outside. Armed with a vacuum cleaner, she recaptured several dwarves until Franky suddenly opened the doors of the factory from the outside. He walked up to Kyuin and grabbed her, which looked like a hug to some of the dwarves. In truth, however, he was just using her as a shield against Senor Pink’s attack. When she complained to the cyborg in response, Franky grabbed her by her tie and gave her a kiss on the lips. Kyuin blushed and was irritated, whereupon Senor Pink explained that Franky had only done this to finally shut her up and stop interfering with their fight. Kyuin then watched the fight between the two as a spectator and ran to him after Senor Pink’s defeat.

Even after Doflamingo’s defeat, Kyuin remained in Dress Rosa and was not arrested. When the Fire Tank pirate gang was there in their search for Lola, an intoxicated Kyuin kept the Navy on their toes.


  • Their name is a pun on the Japanese word Kyūin (吸引), which means to suck in.

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