Kyros of One Piece

Kyros was once a gladiator on Dress Rosa and had the nickname King of the Gladiators. He is the father of Rebecca and the husband of Scarlet. After Donquixote Doflamingo gained power on Dress Rosa, Kyros was Sugar’s first victim of her devilish powers and was turned into the one-legged toy soldier. However, she forgot to make a contract with him so he could continue to move freely and rebel against Doflamingo. Thus, he made a name for himself as the Angry Lightning Soldier (jap. 怒りの雷兵, Ikari no Kaminari Hei), who was even wanted by the police.


At 15 years old

Kyros is a tall, muscular man with long black hair and a goatee, who wears the typical clothing of a gladiator. This includes a cape, a spiked nasal helmet with a plume of feathers, and a sword. Straps of metal are attached to his wrists and a loincloth is tied around his waist. On his forehead is a scar he sustained in his last fight as a gladiator, fighting Gladiator Ricky aka King Riku. After Donquixote Doflamingo’s takeover, Kyros faced the new king of the land. In the process, however, he cut off his left leg as he was bound with sea stone chains before being turned into a toy by Sugar.

Kyros is half the size of Luffy as a toy soldier without a hat. He wears a large, black cap like the policemen on Dress Rosa. However, instead of “DP”, the toy’s cap reads “SOL”. His face consists of square eyes, painted-on circular red cheeks, and a long square nose and painted-on mustache. He also carries a toy gun and has a black police uniform painted on, which has two buttons each on his chest and stomach area. There is a wind-up key in his back to wind up the toy. Even as a toy soldier, Kyros is missing his left leg. His right leg ends in a foot that is stuck in a roller skate.


Kyros doesn’t want to be remembered as a murderer.

Kyros was once a brutal murderer. At 15, he rampaged through the slums of Dress Rosa in revenge for his dead best friend, killing two people. However, after fighting as a gladiator in the Corrida Colosseum, he regretted his past and cried that people only remembered him as a murderer. After being appointed commander of the Royal Riku Army by King Riku, Kyros took his duty to protect Princess Scarlet and Viola very seriously. Scarlet and Kyros grew closer and later started a family. When Rebecca was born, Kyros cried over and over with happiness at having something as precious as a daughter. He also initially thought himself unworthy of holding his daughter with his bare hands, so he put on gloves. He loved his family and always wanted to be by their side. It was all the more tragic for him when he was turned into a toy by Sugar and his wife and daughter no longer remembered him. After Scarlet’s murder by Diamante, Kyros continued to take care of his daughter Rebecca as a toy, protecting her even though she didn’t remember him. However, after Kyros changed back into a human and fought Diamante on Flower Hill, he no longer allowed her to interfere in the fight. He tried to stop her from fighting by any means necessary and instead continuously protected her from the High Commander’s attacks because he didn’t want her to stain his hands with blood like he did.

As a fighter, Kyros shows particular determination. He sacrificed his left leg without hesitation to prevent Doflamingo from killing King Riku. However, the fact that he lost his left leg did not stop him from fighting one of Doflamingo’s best men.

Skills & Strength

Already at the age of 15 Kyros was a strong fighter. He managed to kill two people in one fight, and he was also able to keep up with the other gladiators in the Corrida Colosseum, where he subsequently served his sentence. He emerged victorious from a total of 3,000 fights, and was thus considered the strongest gladiator who had ever fought in the Corrida Colosseum. In those 3,000 fights, Kyros only sustained a single wound in the final battle against Ricky aka King Riku. This was apparently only possible because Kyros realized who was hiding behind Ricky and therefore held back. Another testament to his extraordinary strength is that, as a gladiator, he fought a giant and a fish-man underwater, among others, and emerged victorious. After his 3,000th victory in the Coliseum, Riku offered him the position of commander of his Royal Riku Army. When Scarlet was kidnapped by pirates one day, Kyros sank the two pirate ships and rescued her, while the rest of the bodyguard was killed by the pirates. His reputation as a strong fighter even reached Donquixote Doflamingo, who offered him to serve under him.

After Sugar’s devil power was nullified and Kyros was transformed back into a human, the former gladiator was even able to dash towards the surprised Doflamingo with only one leg and cut off his head with a sword slash. Buffalo was also able to quickly defeat Kyros.


A living legend

Kyros is a successful gladiator of the Colosseum.

Kyros lived in the slums of Dress Rosa when he was 15. There he killed two people out of revenge against his best friend. When King Riku appeared in front of him, Kyros didn’t hesitate to attack him either. But Riku persuaded him to come with him and fight in the Corrida Colosseum. Here, he was to serve his sentence of killing two people. After Kyros had won his 100th victory after four months, he was supposed to be released. But Kyros refused and wanted to continue fighting in the Colosseum, because the people saw him as nothing more than a murderer. After four years, Kyros finally won his 1,000th victory. As he kneels before the tomb of his dead friend, he wept bitterly. No matter how many victories he had achieved, people only remembered the murderer. It took a total of nine years for Kyros to become a living legend. He fought 3,000 battles, from all of which he emerged victorious. The final fight was against Gladiator Ricky, but underneath him was King Riku. After Kyros realized who was under the mask, he held back and despite winning, received the only hit he ever got in the Coliseum. A statue of Kyros was then erected in the coliseum’s preparation room. However, King Riku wanted Kyros to finally leave the Coliseum.

Doflamingos Takeover

Kyros sacrificed his leg to attack Doflamingo.

At the age of 25, Riku appointed him commander of his army. He was to protect as many lives as he could from then on. Only Princess Scarlet held a grudge against Kyros because of his past. However, this changed after Scarlet was kidnapped by pirates and rescued by Kyros. The two became closer and fell in love with each other. However, the princess was forbidden to get involved with a former murderer, so Scarlet’s death was faked. From then on, Kyros lived a simple and happy life outside the palace with his wife and newborn daughter Rebecca. One day, the royal palace was on fire. Kyros rushed to help, but found only the defeated King Riku and Donquixote Doflamingo with his band of pirates. Doflamingo put Kyros in sea stone chains and explained that he had already sent someone to wipe out the royal blood that flowed in Scarlet and Rebecca. In order to attack Doflamingo, Kyros had cut off his left leg, but was caught by Sugar’s devil powers and turned into a toy soldier before he could land a hit. From then on, no one remembered the former gladiator, who fled the palace with King Riku without Sugar being able to make a deal with him. Afterwards, he had to watch Scarlet being shot. She couldn’t remember Kyros either. He wept bitterly at being forgotten by Scarlet, who subsequently died.

Life as a toy

Kyros takes carehis daughter.

From now on Kyros was solely responsible for Rebecca and took care of her, even though she didn’t like him at first. But he protected her from all dangers and looked for different jobs to buy a house for her and take care of her. When she was kidnapped one day, the toy soldier rescued her, but shortly after was wanted by the police, so they had to leave the house. The soldier then trained Rebecca to defend herself without him.


The Corrida Colosseum

The first encounterwith the soldier

First Kyros was seen as a one-legged toy soldier as he shot children with his toy gun outside the Corrida Colosseum to prevent them from entering because the fights were too brutal for children and people were killing each other there. When Luffy and Franky learned that Doflamingo had organized a tournament whose grand prize was the Fire Fruit, they made their way to the arena. There, the toy soldier just fled from two policemen and sought asylum at the coliseum. He then made the acquaintance of Luffy and Franky. The three’s conversation was abruptly ended by a call stating that participation for the tournament was about to end, whereupon the pirates went there, leaving the toy soldier alone. Later, Kyros could be seen as a spectator in the Coliseum, taking a seat next to Franky to watch the Battle Royale the first round of the tournament. After the conclusion of the A-Block, Franky was going to head out to locate the SAD factory on Dress Rosa. Kyros wanted to help the cyborg and give him more information about the factory. When the two were in a place inside the arena where everyone couldn’t overhear them, Franky wanted to know where the factory was, but instead of telling Cyborg the location, the living toy said that there were friends of his there that needed to be freed first, with whom he had also hatched a plan that would cause the entire country to collapse.

Kyros talks to Rebecca

A short time later, the soldier was seen on Franky’s back, taking him to the flower field. As the cyborg and the toy went their way in front of the coliseum, they were approached by Rebecca. The soldier told her that he had seen her name on the list and had tried to talk her out of it, but then the gladiator tearfully shouted to him that she was going to win the tournament and she could be with the toy soldier on it. The toy only replied that a crying warrior would not win a tournament and that tears could not leak from his eyes. A little later, the soldier enlightened Franky about the curfews between humans and toys. Likewise, he reported that a member of the Donquixote Pirates had turned many humans into toys ten years ago.

Operation SOP

The plan is explained

Later, it was revealed that the toy soldier was the leader of the “Riku Army” among the Flower Fields of Dress Rosa, who, along with the rest of the dwarves of the Kingdom of Tontatta, were going to take on the Samurai of the Seas. In doing so, he explained to Franky, Usopp, and Robin, who were brought there by the dwarves, what Doflamingo had done to them all ten years ago. He further explained the plan to free the captured toys and dwarves, as well as defeat Sugar and Trébol so that all the toys would become human again and the other inhabitants of Dress Rosa would regain their memories so that a revolution could be started. The Anti-Doflamingo faction entered the underground port of the country through an underground entrance. Kyros wanted to take the elevator to get to the royal palace where Doflamingo was staying. Unfortunately, in doing so, he ran into Lao G, whom he had nothing to oppose in his toy soldier body. To his assistance came the dwarves, who were eager to help their commander at any cost, so Kyros could continue on to the palace. On the way there, however, Kyros encountered Gladius, who nearly killed the toy soldier. Luffy and Violet saved him, and the three of them made it to the second floor of the palace. There they hid until Sugar’s devil powers were lifted. When the toy soldier transformed back into a human, he immediately began to attack Doflamingo. With one sword strike, the former gladiator cut off the head of the Samurai of the Seas. Kyros also summarily defeated the rest of Doflamingo’s men and Buffalo before untying Riku’s bonds. However, as it turned out, he had not finished off the real one, but only a thread copy. Kyros was then nearly decapitated himself by the still-living Doflamingo, but was saved by Luffy. Without further ado, Pica threw the intruders out of the palace and Doflamingo locked Dress Rosa in his birdcage.

Kyros beheads Doflamingo.

The birdcage

After Doflamingo locked the island in his birdcage, he launched a video broadcast across the country. He put a bounty on the heads of various people who had uncovered his machinations. This was his way of turning the population against each other, who now knew about Doflamingo. A bounty of 200 million was also placed on Cyrus’ head. The game inside the cage was to end when the wanted people were delivered to Doflamingo or Doflamingo was defeated. Thus Kyros was defeated several times by the population, who saw his extradition as the only chance to save their lives. However, the latter soon escaped and made his way to the new royal palace to hunt down Doflamingo. Shortly after, Kyros, on the second level, made it onto Cavendish’s horse, who with Luffy and Law also charged towards the Royal Palace. Here Kyros learned that Rebecca was on her way to the fourth level, which worried him greatly. He then declared that he was claiming Diamante for himself. After a brief confrontation with Sugar’s giant nutcrackers, Kyros finally reached the fourth level, where Rebecca had already encountered Diamante. Just before Doflamingo’s high commander could kill his daughter with a pistol, Kyros stood in his way.

Fight against Diamante

Kyros is able to defeat the murderer of his wife.

Kyros managed to hurt Diamante in the face, whereupon he used Army Bandera. This technique made the ground flutter and Kyros visibly had trouble staying upright with one leg. Diamante soon realized that Kyros was the one-legged toy soldier. Kyros attacked Diamante, but then had to protect Rebecca, who Diamante kept aiming at. While Rebecca was willing to fight as well, Kyros had vowed to protect her so she would never have to hold a sword again. Support soon arrived in the form of Robin, who took care of Rebecca’s protection from then on. This allowed Kyros to focus entirely on Diamante. However, when Diamante used Death Enjambre and shot Kyros in his remaining leg, Kyros went down badly injured and was unable to continue deflecting the steel bullets. As Rebecca angrily berated Diamante, Kyros suddenly stood back up so she wouldn’t interfere in the fight. With one final sword strike, Kyros knocked Diamante down, who then hit his head on Scarlet’s grave cross and finally lost consciousness.

The end of tyranny

Kyros lets hisKyros lets his tears run free.

After his victory, Pica suddenly appeared before them, asking Kyros what King Riku meant to him. The gladiator replied that he owed him a lot, no matter what the world thought of him. At that, the stone man disappeared again and reassimilated with his giant stone statue. With a determined stride, he wandered towards the old royal plateau to kill King Riku. After Pica was defeated by Zoro, Leo, Kabu, and Mansherry arrived at Sunflower Hill. Mansherry offered to heal his wounds, but Kyros wanted her to save her powers for those who needed them more than he did. Later, he watched as the birdcage began to shrink and left Sunflower Mound for the lower levels. After King Riku’s speech that the people should not give up their hope yet, Kyros suddenly appeared on the new royal plateau. There, with the other Coliseum fighters temporarily healed by Mansherry, he defeated the remaining members of the Donquixote pirates who were trying to prevent the populace from escaping the Birdcage. He then helped the others stop the Birdcage. After Luffy finally defeated Doflamingo and the Birdcage disintegrated, Kyros disappeared behind some rubble. For the first time in ten years, Kyros was able to let his tears flow freely. He thanked the dwarves for their efforts and declared their mission over.

Rebecca and Kyros

Rebecca wants to live with her father.

After the victory, Kyros gave the pirates refuge in his house on Sunflower Hill, where they recovered from their wounds. Earlier, Kyros had spread a rumor among the populace that Scarlet had not died at all at the time, but had eloped with a prince from a distant land. Rebecca would be the daughter of that prince, but he was said to have died in a war. Kyros had talked to Riku about it and had written Rebecca a letter. This was Kyros’ way of preventing Rebecca from being associated with him, as he had a criminal past. When Bartolomeo arrived at the house and stated that the navy was on the move, Kyros contacted the dwarves to stop the navy. After the pirates left his house, he packed his things and planned to leave Dress Rosa. However, to his amazement, Rebecca showed up shortly after, brought to Sunflower Hill by Luffy. Rebecca tearfully explained that she didn’t care about his past and just wanted to live with him. Later, the two watched the Straw Hat Pirates escape, where it became clear that the populace had long known about Kyros and Rebecca. Rebecca finally held hands with her father again during this.

The Levely in Mary Geoise

While preparing for the Levely, which was also attended by the Kingdom of Dress Rosa, his daughter Rebecca was asked by her aunt to accompany her to Mary Geoise, to which she happily replied in the affirmative. Accordingly, in addition to King Riku Doldo III, the kingdom’s delegation included Rebecca, Viola, Kyros, and Leo. On the sea route to the Levely, news of Luffy’s actions in Big Mom’s territory reached them through the newspapers. They rejoiced, but the king again clarified that they were not to show their joy about it at the Levely. A little later, their ship was attacked by pirates who had it in for Viola, but they were rescued by Koby and Helmeppo, who were part of their escort. Kyros then recognized Koby as the hero of the Rocky Port incident, with which only Trafalgar D. Water Law had previously been associated. Finally arriving in Mary Geoise, they met many old friends of the Straw Hat Pirates, including Shirahoshi and Vivi, with whom Rebecca quickly befriended. The delegation from Dress Rosa was also involved in the later confrontation between the World Aristocrat and the Royal Family of Fish-Man Island.


  • The figure of the one-legged toy soldier is reminiscent of the likewise one-legged tin soldier from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Steadfast Tin Soldier.
  • In the fifth character popularity vote, Kyros came in 31st.
  • The name Cyrus in ancient Persian means “Gracious Ruler over Enemies” and was the name of several Persian kings.
  • His favorite food is all kinds of shellfish dishes.

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