Kyoshiro family

The Kyoshiro Family is a Yakuza Wano Country, led by Kyoshiro and operating primarily in the flower capital. They are personally under the command of Emperor Kaidou as well as Shogun Orochi. The Yakuza of the Flower Capital was originally led by Hyogoro, but he refused allegiance to Kaidou and Orochi and was imprisoned in Udon.

In truth, however, their boss Kyoshiro is none other than Denjiro, a loyal subordinate of Oden. After the position of Yakuza boss became vacant following Hyogoro’s disappearance, he went to the flower capital and offered his services to Orochi. In disguise, he thus waited 20 years for his former allies to return, and on the day of the Fire Festival, he was finally able to reveal his identity to them. The Kyoshiro family previously freed the 1,000 captured samurai in the Flower Capital and then joined the fight against Kaidou and Orochi with a force of 1,200 fighters.

The following family members are known:

  • Kyoshiro
  • Kuni
  • Kaku
  • Suke

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