Kurozumi Semimaru of One Piece

Kurozumi Semimaru was a member of the Kurozumi family.


Semimaru was an older gentleman with light, long hair and a long goatee. His large nose was also noticeable.

Over 41 years ago, he was seen wearing a light kimono with diamond patterns. Then 25 years ago he wore a light kimono with line and dot patterns and a dark Haori.


Semimaru seems to have been a very calm and not easily upset person. For example, when Higurashi told the young Orochi the story of the Kurozumi clan and the latter was lying on the ground in fear, Semimaru played his lute calmly. Even when Oden attacked, he remained calm and didn’t make a face.

Skills and strength

Semimaru had eaten of the Barrier Fruit, which allowed him to create a certain number of resistant and barely visible barriers. With these, he was able to fend off even a Kozuki Oden attack with ease.

Moreover, he seemed to have been a good lute player.


When Kurozumi Orochi went to see Kurozumi Higurashi over 41 years ago, Semimaru was also present. He listened as the old woman told the young Orochi about his grandfather and the fate of the Kurozumi clan. All the while, he was playing his lute.

Twenty-five years ago, after Kozuki Oden returned from his journey and sought out Shogun Orochi, Semimaru and Higurashi were with him. When Oden lunged to attack, Semimaru blocked it with his barrier. However, while the wall behind Orochi was destroyed, he was safe through the barrier. In the end, Oden failed to get revenge on Orochi and made a pact with him.

Five years later, Semimaru and Higurashi accompanied their shogun to Kuri when Orochi told Oden that he wanted to build factories there.

One day, Semimaru died for reasons unknown. His devil power is now in the possession of cannibal Bartolomeo.


  • His name is probably derived from the blind Japanese musician and poet Semimaru (note: needs link).
  • Just like his family member Higurashi, there is a reference to cicadas in his name, as Semimaru (蝉丸) translates to “cicada circle”.

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