Kurozumi Higurashi of One Piece

Kurozumi Higurashi was a member of the Kurozumi family. She was known as a fortune teller and helped Kurozumi Orochi to the throne of Wano Country.


Kurozumi Higurashi was a very old woman with long, light hair. She had a cleft chin and a pointed nose. In addition, she was missing some teeth.

At her first meeting with Orochi, she was very run down, so she was wearing a light colored, frayed and already patched kimono as well as dark torn pants. In addition, she held a Ōnusa in her hand. With Orochi’s rise to shogun, her run-down appearance changed, at least as far as her clothes were concerned, and she was seen in neat clothes 25 years ago.

Furthermore, when she first met Orochi and Oden returned to Wano Country, she was seen with two lit candles attached to her forehead with a ribbon.


Kurozumi Higurashi was a very sneaky and cunning person who would use any dirty trick to achieve her goals. To her, there were no wrong means to gain power, as the one with power would bear the decision of what was right and wrong. Thus, she did not see the multiple murder her ancestor started as wrong. Accordingly, her devilish powers perfectly matched her personality. Moreover, she was also very mischievous and couldn’t help but laugh her head off at the sight of Oden making an idiot of himself on the streets. Basically, she showed her emotions very expressively, so when telling the overdramatized story of Orochi’s ancestor’s past, she shed bitter tears and narrated with her entire body. She also knew no honor in battle, transforming into Momonosuke to distract Oden.

Skills and strength

Higurashi possessed the powers of the transgender fruit now held by Bentham, allowing her to mimic the appearance of others she had once touched. It didn’t matter how long ago the touch had occurred. She used these powers to bring Orochi to power, and it also allowed her to gain important advantages in battle.

Furthermore, for a resident of isolated Wano Country, Higurashi had extensive knowledge, such as devil powers. She planned Orochi’s rise with caution, and her success showed that she had a high level of strategic knowledge.


Once Higurashi had to leave Wano Country and suffer many hardships, but she returned one day. More than 41 years ago, before Kurozumi Orochi got a job in Hakumai with Shimotsuki Yasuie, he sought her out. She prophesied to him that one day he would be the Shogun of Wano Country. She then told him the story of his ancestors and persuaded him that the blame for his family’s miserable reputation and life was solely the fault of Kozuki Sukiyaki, as his birth thwarted the rise of the Kurozumis to become the rulers of Wano Country. She presented Orochi with the Snake Devil Fruit, Model: Yamata no Orochi and initiated a plan with him so that he could become Shogun and the Kurozumis could rise to power. For this, she gave him instructions to find strong allies, such as collecting gold or making weapons.

A few years later, she went with Orochi to the shogun’s castle, where she pretended to be Kozuki Oden and praised Orochi, so that he got a job there. Around timeAbout 28 years ago, she then impersonated Kozuki Sukiyaki, who was already ill, and announced that Orochi should take Sukiyaki’s place as shogun, in the event of his demise, during Oden’s absence. So it happened and Orochi became Shogun Wano Country and when Oden returned 25 years ago, Higurashi was at Orochi’s side and revealed her powers to the defeated samurai. Oden then made a deal with Orochi and Kaidou and publicly made an ass of himself for five years, but 20 years ago Orochi came to Kuri with Higurashi and Kurozumi Semimaru and broke the agreement. This led to an uprising and Oden went to fight Kaidou with his allies, but although Oden seemed superior, he was defeated by a ruse, with Higurashi pretending to be the latter’s son Momonosuke, thus distracting him, allowing Kaidou to win….

During Oden’s later execution, Kaidou hinted at killing Higurashi in his final conversation with his adversary.


  • Higurashi, or Tanna japonensis, is the Japanese name of the evening cicada. The name of its family member Semimaru refers directly to this insect, as Semimaru (蝉丸) translates to “cicada coven”.
  • Like many characters, Higurashi had a unique laugh, namely several consecutive kyo after a “Ni”, meaning “Nikyokyokyo”.
  • The candles attached to her forehead could be a reference to Ushi no toki mairi However, the user wears three candles on her forehead instead of two.

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