Kurotsuru of One Piece

Dr. Kurotsuru (also called Dr. Black Beard) is a doctor in the kingdom of Lulusia on the Grand Line.


The doctor has black, curly hair and a goatee. He has a stocky build and carries a stethoscope. Over his turquoise t-shirt with a dark cross, Dr. Kurotsuru has on a doctor’s coat with his name on it. He also wears blue striped pants and red and blue shoes with green laces. Not only his name, but also his appearance, especially his body proportions and his hair, show similarities to the pirate Blackbeard before the time jump.


Ace gets kicked in the river

Unfortunately for him, Ace was doing research on Kurotsuru in this town of all places, which tipped him off to the doctor. As a result of this mix-up, he kicks Dr. Kurotsuru in the face. The townspeople and the Doctor weren’t too pleased about this, plus the owner of the Pasta Lake restaurant, where Ace had stiffed the tab shortly before, showed up. The punishment for Ace followed on his foot and so he was kicked into the river by the people present.

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