Kuro Arc

Luffy is happy. He has found the first member for his gang: Zoro, the former bounty hunter and soon to be best swordsman in the world. But the gang must continue to grow, plus they need provisions. So Luffy, Zoro and Nami, who accompanies the two boys, decide to go ashore and eat. They get to Syrop, where they meet Usopp, a liar who has his own gang. Through him, they also meet the rich orphan Miss Kaya and her butler Beauregard. Usopp and Beauregard can’t stand each other, and when the butler insults Usopp’s father, the liar strikes. Then he runs away.

On the beach, Luffy and Usopp, overhearing a conversation between Beauregard and a stranger, learn that the butler is actually the super-dangerous Kuro, who has been declared dead. He plans to kill Kaya and thus obtain her inheritance. Usopp wants to warn the village, but no one believes his stories because he always lies. He makes a decision: he himself will stop Black and his gang. Fortunately, he gets support from Luffy and Co., with whose help he can actually save his village.

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