Krieg of One Piece

Don war was called “The Godfather of the East Blue” because he commanded an armada of pirate ships, including 50 pirate captains and a crew of over 5,000 men.


Design sketches fromthe Vivre Card

Don Krieg is a tall and muscular man with gray-blue hair. His entire torso is covered in golden armor, which also hides some technical refinements. A dark shirt can also be seen. In addition, he also has an ornate cloak at his back. His hands are equipped with gloves made of diamonds for both adornment and toughness. Creek’s trousers are rather plain and are a bright purple. Underneath, the Godfather wears black shoes. When he first entered the baratié, he also had a coat on, but Patty probably burned it off with his bazooka.


Creek’s big dream is to become a pirate king. To achieve this, he is willing to use any means, and deceit seems to be the Don’s most defining characteristic. Thus, he also got his first ship by gaining the captain’s trust and then killing him. He also constantly sailed with the naval flag to sneak up on ships. He had something similar in mind with the Baratié, because no one would suspect pirates on it. Creek also first begged the cooks of said ship for food, promising them he wouldn’t attack them if he did. When Sanji gave him something out of pity and he was strengthened again, he attacked immediately.

Don Krieg is also very angry when something doesn’t go according to plan or someone opposes him. So he simply shot one of his men who didn’t want to go back to the Grand Line. Gin was also supposed to die because he didn’t want to kill Sanji, even though he was always loyal and even sacrificed himself for him.

The Godfather of the East Blue also has a different idea of strength and doesn’t particularly like Devil Fruit users. Anyway, he increases his own through weapons and that makes him feel strong. Killing innocents doesn’t bother him much either. He even avoids direct combat if he has to.

That’s real strength!!
-Don Krieg firing the poison gas .

Skills & Strength

The spiky armor of thorns -Only almost invulnerable.

Don Krieg is considered the godfather of the East Blue with a bounty of 17,000,000. Through his strength, he has managed to add 50 pirate captains with 50 ships and 5,000 pirates to his armada, creating a strong army. However, this has been wiped out to 100 men by Hawkeye.

Don Krieg himself has great physical strength, which he proves several times. With his bare fist, he could smash masts, and he could also easily swing the “Super Spear”, weighing a ton, in front of him. This strength also makes him very durable, which allowed him to take many of Luffy’s blows.

If Kreek’s resistance isn’t enough, he still has his gold armor. This is extremely hard and it took Luffy a long time to tear a hole in it. For further protection he also has a thorn cloak. When he puts this around him, he feels even safer, because not only is the blow cushioned somewhat, no one would even think of hitting it. At least that’s what Don Krieg thought until Luffy proved otherwise and knocked him away despite the thorny armor.

In addition to these defenses, he also has a lot of weapons, such as the aforementioned “Super Spear”. A combination of sharpness, a high weight and the fact that every blow causes an explosion make the spear extremely dangerous.

Creek’s arsenal is versatile.

In addition, Creek has pistols under many parts of his armor that can shoot at the enemy at the same time. Under one arm part of his armor is also a flamethrower. In addition, his gloves are studded with extremely hard diamonds, which makes the blow even more effective. Many more weapons are hidden all over his body.

Besides his strength, Don Krieg also uses other and in some respects rather cowardly tactics. In the fight against devil fruit users like Luffy, he tries to throw them into the sea by any means. For example, he destroyed the battle platform with bombs.

His most powerful weapon is the gas MH-5, which he hurls at large crowds in a capsule while he and his men put on a gas mask. This way he can gas hundreds of people within a few minutes.


The way to the godfather

Don Krieg was the godfather of over 50 pirate captains.

He became a pirate by impersonating a Navy sailor in the past, killing the ship’s captain, and then claiming the ship for himself. As it suited him, he used the naval flag to board passenger ships or the white flag to frame his opponents. Just like today, he stopped at nothing until he commanded an armada of pirate ships, including 50 pirate captains, and a crew of over 5,000 men. That’s how he became the Godfather.

The failed voyage on the Grand Line

Creek’s armada before Hawkeye sank it.

When he and his gang were on the Grand Line, their numbers were reduced to a minimum of a hundred men after the seventh day by Hawkeye. They were left with only the large flagship. When he came out of the Grand Line with the rest of his men, they were pursued by Fullbody’s naval unit. Through Gin, his vice, they escaped. He posed as Don Krieg and was captured. Thus the gang escaped suffering severely from starvation.


A band of pirates starving

Creek’s begging for food.

When Gin was rescued by Sanji, he returned to Don Krieg to take him to the floating restaurant as well. He made his way there with his starving men and supported by Gin. But the cooks would not give him anything to eat. Don Krieg, already down with hunger, now begged the cooks for food, promising them not to hurt them and just leave afterwards. Sanji can’t stand starving people so he gave him some. After the Don ate it all, he knocked out his rescuer. Gin was completely shocked as he didn’t want something like that to happen. Patty did try to stop the godfather, but failed. After a short discussion with Luffy, he went out to give his pirates the food. After that, he was going to attack the Baratié, as he needed a new ship.

Attack without scruples – The fighting cooks against the pirates

The pirates are attacking.

The pirates were getting ready to fight when Dracule Mihawk suddenly appeared. He dismembered the remains of Creek’s flagship with one attack. After a fight with Zoro, he disappeared again. After this interruption, the pirates finally attacked. The Baratié’s cooks were quite a match for the normal pirates, until finally the commanders Gin and Pearl Iron Shield got involved. That left only Luffy and Sanji to keep up. The cook had to fight a battle against Pearl first, then the stronger Gin. However, when he was defeated in the fight, Gin didn’t want to kill him out of gratitude for saving his life, whereupon Creek got angry. He ordered Gin to throw away his gas mask, which he did. Creek then fired an MH-5 gas bomb at the baratié. Everyone except Gin more or less managed to save themselves by wearing gas masks or diving down.

Only the will counts – Luffy’s hard fight

Creek has to take it for the first time.

Luffy now went on the attack in a rage. Even when Don Krieg pierced him with arrows, he would not be stopped. Finally, Don Krieg also put on his thorny armor, but Luffy hit him in the face with his bare fist.

Are you sure…
…if this is my grave…
…or yours?
Decide not with your arrows…
and your armor of thorns…
where my grave is!
This is not the place…
where i’m going to die!!!
-Luffy to Don Krieg.
Luffy’s iron will wins out over Don Krieg’s armor and weapons.

As the fight progressed, Don Krieg kept using new weapons, but Luffy kept fighting. In time, he even managed to damage the super spear. If only to prove his superiority to Don Krieg, he focused only on Creek’s armor, as he thought it was indestructible. After numerous wounds, he kept getting back up and finally destroyed the armor. The Godfather was not yet defeated, however, and caught Luffy in a steel net. However, he was able to free his limbs and hit Don Krieg with a gum-gum slashhammer on the baratié.

However, he got back up while Luffy was sinking in the water. Thus, he was actually the winner, but Gin knocked him out and surrendered on behalf of the Creek pirates. He then took Don Krieg with him and had Sanji tell Luffy that they would meet again sometime on the Grand Line.


  • Don Krieg’s name is derived from the German word War.
  • Although Don Krieg is called the “Godfather of East Blue,” he’s really just the “Vice Godfather of East Blue,” because Arlong is still a cut above him.
  • Don Krieg’s favorite dish is grilled sea bream.

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