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Kozuki Toki, born Amatsuki Tok i (jap. 天月トキ, Amatsuki Toki), was the wife of Prince Kozuki Oden 20 years ago, and thus the mother of Momonosuke as well as Hiyori, and the mistress of the Kuri principality on Wano Country. She died in the fire of Oden Castle, after Oden himself had been overthrown and executed by his lord and the castle in turn had been set on fire by Kaidou’s men.

Before she died, however, she sent Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo, Kikunojo, and Momonosuke into the future using her devil powers so that they could make her husband’s dream of an open Wano Country come true.


Toki’s scar

Kozuki Toki was a slender, attractive woman with long black hair, two strands of which fell down her temples. On her right side, a flower with a pearl necklace hanging down was stuck in her hair.
Twenty-six years ago, she wore a short, light-colored kimono, the lower part of which was decorated with Mikazuki symbols, each with a bird flying towards it. On her feet she wore dark boots. Two years later, 24 years ago, on the other hand, she was seen in a dark kimono.

Sometime after her arrival on Wano Country, she was hit by an arrow attack, leaving her with a scar on her left thigh.


Toki had a kind and caring personality, so she took care of Oden when he washed up on the island, and later the people of Kuri. This made her universally respected, and it was only because of this that loyal subjects believed her prophecy in the first place. On the other hand, she can also be very naive, so in the beginning she followed Karma and his gang believing that they would really bring her to Wano Country. She could also become irascible towards her husband, threatening to divorce him if he broke off his journey because of her. On the other hand, she always loved and respected him and stood by him even when he made an ass of himself for five years.

Skills & Strength

Toki had eaten of the Time Fruit, giving her the ability to send other people or herself into time. It is not known if this ability is conditional. However, she herself was able to travel 800 years into the future through multiple time travels, and was able to send multiple people 20 years into the future in one fell swoop. However, one can no longer travel into the past.

As the later wife of the daimyo of Kuri, she had some influence, though she herself made sure it was maintained.

In addition, she was seen with a sword, but she was not shown fighting with it until now. She also seems to have been a good rider.


pirate voyage

Toki was born about 830 years ago, in the forgotten century. Although she is a born Amatsuki, she has never been to Wano Country herself. She then once ate of the Time Fruit, which allowed her to travel into the future, eventually landing on an unknown island in the New World 30 years ago. She met Karma and his gang there, who promised to escort her to Wano Country, but this turned out to be a lie. In truth, the pirates wanted to sell her, however, a monster appeared on the coast that was able to drive away. However, that monster was Kozuki Oden, who was swelling up due to the hardships of his three-day entrance exam to the Whitebeard Pirates. She took care of this one until the vicious pirates appeared again the next day. This time, however, they were put to flight by Whitebeard, who subsequently took Oden and Toki aboard the Moby Dick.

Together they had many adventures and eventually Toki and Oden married and had two children, Momonosuke and Hiyori. After the Whitebeard Pirates met the Roger Pirates and Oden decided to accompany Gol D. Roger on his last voyage, Toki also followed him with the two children. However, before the gang had all four Road-Poneglyphs together and were able to locate the last island, she fell ill while they were near Wano Country. While leaving the Oro Jackson with her children and the two Minks, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, she urged Oden to continue his journey, which he did.

Life and Death on Wano Country

During Oden’s absence, she cared for the people of Kuri and worked alongside them. As a result, she and her children became popular figures in the region. However, half a year before Oden returned, some of Kaidou’s subordinates attacked the castle with the aim of killing Momonosuke. Although Inuarashi and Kawamatsu were able to drive them off, Toki was hit in the leg by an arrow while trying to protect her son.
When Oden finally returned, he was greeted warmly by everyone, but when he heard about this story and saw the scar on her leg, he ran off towards Orochi in a rage. Toki tried, but she was unable to stop him.
Oden failed and made a monkey out of himself for the next five years, due to a deal he did not tell his subordinates or his wife, however. Although he lost the respect of the populace, his family still loved him and when Oden asked her if she wanted a divorce, she thought it was a joke as she still respected him. Five years later, however, the deal was broken by Orochi, causing Oden to retaliate with his entourage and a fight broke out. Meanwhile, Toki stayed behind in the castle with her children, protected by Shimotsuki Yasuie and his men. After Oden was later executed, Toki read Oden’s message, but Kaidou set the castle ablaze and when Oden’s underlings finally reached it, they found Toki and her two children. Toki used her devil powers to send Kinemon, Momonosuke, Raizo, Kiku and Kanjuro into the future, while her daughter escaped with Kawamatsu. She herself went to Bakura on a horse and cast a prophecy there, and subsequently died.

You are the moon that knows not the dawn….
If this wish comes true…
…after 20 years woven by moonlit nights, nine shadows will fall…
…and you will know the bright dawn.
– Bakura, Toki’s prophecy

This prophecy sowed hope in the loyal followers of the Kozuki clan, making them wait 20 years for the return of the Nine Akazaya. Orochi, on the other hand, was terrified by it and still is today.


  • Like many other female names, Toki’s name is derived from that of a bird. The Crested ibis is also called “Toki”.
  • “Toki” is also the Japanese word for “time.”
  • The surname Amatsuki combines the kanji for “sky” (天) and “moon” (月). The latter is also found in the name Kozuki and other Wano Country surnames. The (half) moon is also depicted on Toki’s kimono, in addition to a bird flying towards the moon. This character exists in the real world in the form of a family crest called Tsuki Ni Hototogisu (月に時鳥). Tsuki Ni Hototogisu translates roughly to “cackling cuckoo with moon”. The cackling Lesser cuckoo is a bird that is a popular literary subject in Japan. The Japanese name of the cackling cuckoo is written with the kanji for “time” (時, Toki) and “bird” (鳥, Tori).
  • She was ranked 171st in the 7th Character Popularity Poll, the first global poll.
  • Her favorite food is Kombu.

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