Kozuki Sukiyaki of One Piece

Kozuki Sukiyaki the former shogun of Wano Country. He is the father of the future Prince of Kuri, Kozuki Oden, as well as the grandfather of the Momonosuke and his sister Hiyori. and years later took in Tama, who titles him master. He is a good swordsmith, but he only practices it as a hobby. He decided to remain incognito even after the liberation of Wano Country.


was a tall man with black hair that stood up in three thick tufts in the front and was tied in a samurai knot in the back. Noticeable about him were his mustache, which stood up on either side of him, and his prominent chin beard, which split into three points. He possessed bushy eyebrows and a dark nose. He also wore a light patterned kimono with a dark Haori with floral patterns over it.

Sukiyaki as a baby


Sukiyaki to bestrict, but righteous shogun. One day, he banished his own son from the flower capital due to his son’s violent acts, and was deeply distressed by his countless crimes, calling them demonic. Nevertheless, Sukiyaki recognized Oden’s accomplishments that he subsequently achieved, bestowing upon him the title of Daimyo of Kuri when he was just 20 years old. Shimotsuki Yasuie referred to Sukiyaki’s defamation of his son as strict love.

Skills & Strength

As a member of the Kozuki family, Sukiyaki was able to read the indestructible stones of history, the Poneglyphs. He passed this knowledge on to his son Oden.

Kozuki Sukiyaki had great power as the acting shogun and ruled over Wano Country. As such, he was empowered to appoint the individual daimyos of the regions, for example.


Once, people in Wano Country were worried because Sukiyaki’s father didn’t have a heir and they didn’t know who would succeed him. However, when the Kurozumi clan began to poison possible heirs to the throne in order to gain power themselves, the miracle happened and with Sukiyaki an heir was born after all.

41 years ago, Sukiyaki was the reigning Shogun of Wano Country. At the time, his son Oden was a notorious criminal, which shook Sukiyaki. Due to his multitude of crimes, Sukiyaki expelled Oden from the flower capital. Two years later, however, Sukiyaki appointed his son as the daimyo of Kuri, as he had restored the region, which had degenerated into the lawless zone of the island, to a prosperous place.

Within the time period of 33 to 30 years ago, Kurozumi Higurashi posed as Oden with the help of her devil power, the transgender Fruit, and convinced Sukiyaki to grant Kurozumi Orochi employment at the castle. Oden then saw his father for the last time 30 years ago when he visited him, hearing of his deteriorating health. While Oden was away with the Whitebeard pirate gang, Sukiyaki’s health continued to deteriorate and shortly after, news of his death spread throughout Wano Country. However, Kurozumi Higurashi impersonated Sukiyaki and, to his amazement, proposed Orochi as his successor, allowing him to rise to power. When Oden returned to Wano Country after his trip with the Roger Pirates, he suspected that Orochi had something to do with his father’s death.


  • Its name, just like Kozuki Oden’s, derives from a Japanese dish called Sukiyaki.

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