Koza of One Piece

Koza has been friends with Vivi since she was five and is the son of Toto and Aswa. He was the leader of the Suna Suna Clan and later also led Arabasta’s rebel army. He now holds the position of Minister of the Environment for the Kingdom.


Koza before the time jump

Koza is a slim, confident looking man with short blond hair and a few longer strands of hair on his forehead. He has a scar going through his left eye and wears blue rimless glasses. Over his white shirt and black pants he wears a purple coat. He also wears a piece of jewelry on a chain around his neck, has put on gloves and a scarf.


Koza is an energetic man who is not simply content with his fate, but fights for everything in the world to protect his country, his friends and villagers and give them a good life. He can also be called a patriot because he is willing to give his life for his country even though he and the rebels fear death. He is therefore not a fanatical revolutionary, but has found for himself the need to change something about the circumstances – even if this holds the possibility of pain and loss. He also tries to pass on the message about Crocodile’s conspiracy to the rebels, which again shows that he does not want to wage war at any cost, but wants to help the country.

Skills & Strength

Although he was a rebel leader, he does not possess any special abilities such as a devil fruit or outstanding arts with the sword. His position as a leader probably comes from his ability to be a role model and a beacon of hope to people, leading them through hard times. However, Koza has a very high level of resistance, as he survived several shots to his torso and did not suffer any permanent damage.


Koza and Vivi

Young Koza tries to save Vivi

Even as a boy, Koza loved his country more than anything, which is why, when the drought began in Arabasta, he went to the king to ask for rain. Since the king could do nothing, Koza disappeared crying from the throne room, where he met Vivi. The latter had no sympathy for his behavior and made a pointed remark about it. Koza answered this with a fight, which she lost. But Vivi didn’t want to give up yet and sought Koza out for a second scuffle with the aim of becoming the leader of his gang, the desert kids. Koza won this time too, but took Vivi into the gang as his vice.
One day, while the Suna Suna Clan were playing near the ruins, some kidnappers came and tried to kidnap Vivi. Despite the desert kids’ bravery and even Koza’s willingness to put his life on the line for Vivi, they lost, with Agotogi, the kidnappers’ leader, giving him his scar on the left side of his face. They were eventually saved only by Igaram and Kobra’s efforts.
Because of Kobra’s trust in Toto, he was to turn the deserted oasis of Yuba into a thriving city, and Koza had made up his mind to come along, even though his father felt he could stay quietly in Arbana. Therefore it was time to bid farewell to Vivi. His last words to her and to the king were that he would do it all for the prosperity of the kingdom.

Koza and Toto

Reunion with the King

When it had not rained for a year, he went once more to the king to repeat his request of that time. He even asked him to use fogine, which was a forbidden substance. Since the king said, as last time, that he could not do this, Koza threatened to come back and fight him, since in his eyes something could very well be done.


Stay in Katorea

The base in Katorea

As it turned out, Koza had by now been appointed leader of the rebel army, which had already recruited an impressive number of men and women. The only thing they lacked to attack the king was weapons. Their base was first in Yuba, then in Katorea. There he was approached by Kappa, who was willing to go to war against the king because he was not afraid to die. Koza, because the boy reminded him strongly of himself, reacted to this in a decidedly irritable manner and rebuked Kappa with the following words:

We fear death, we don’t want to fight at all!
We fight because the fight is already on.
The King has begun.
We don’t want to, but we must!
Just go home, kid!
Children have no business here!!!

Events in Nanohana

Koza orders the attackon Arbana

The decisive turning point in the rebellion was the intervention of Mr. 2, acting on behalf of the Baroque Works, who had the task of turning the people against the king by claiming, in the guise of the latter, that the accusations about the use of nebelin were true. Upon learning of this, Koza immediately rode to Nanohana to confront the king. Mister 2 then had Koza shot and began destroying the city. To end the rebels’ lack of weapons, Mister 1 and Miss Doublefinger had a ship flown into the city, which was packed with weapons. This action gave the rebels new additions and increased their numbers to 3 million. The only one who knew it had all been a trick was the little boy Koza had rejected a short time before. When he tried to tell the others about it, he was stopped by Mr. 1 and Miss Doublefinger. Badly injured, he was eventually found by Koza and his men, who came to the erroneous conclusion that the King had been responsible. Koza then ordered the attack on Arbana.

Showdown in Arbana

A Baroque Agent Shoots The Peacemaker

Just outside Arbana, Vivi awaited the rebel army to tell them the truth about the war. She and Koza narrowly missed, however, because a Baroque agent disguised as a guard shot at them with a cannonball. So the assault on Arbana continued unimpeded. The rebels entered the city through the south gate, and from there made their way to the palace. Koza rode ahead and was the first of the rebels to arrive there, where he met Crocodile, Miss Bloody Sunday, Vivi, and the impaled king. Crocodile revealed to him that he was just a puppet who had done everything exactly as he had imagined, and that everything he blamed the king for had been his actions. When Koza heard this, he immediately set out to stop the rebels and end the war, placing himself with the royal guard in front of the palace and waving white flags. This, however, was foiled by the skillful use of another Baroque agent, who shot Koza. Koza was so badly wounded by the shot that he was unable to stop the fight and fainted.

When he woke up again, the battle was over, Crocodile had been defeated by Luffy, and it began to rain, which he took as the end of the war against the king. A short time later, Igaram appeared with Kappa, who had been wounded by Mr. 1 and his partner, and told them what had really happened in Nanohana. Koza then apologized to the king and returned to Yuba.

On Ukkari Hot Spring

The men’s bath

After Gedatsu and Goro finished the Ukkari bath, they visited Yuba. A short time later, Koza as well as Chaka, Pell, Igaram, Terracotta, Vivi, the racing duck corps with Matsuge and also the Kung Fu seals visited the bath and inaugurated it.

Two years later

Koza reads the newspaper

Two years later, Yuba was once again a thriving city and Koza had since been appointed Arabasta’s Minister of Environment. He was reading the newspaper with the latest news about the return of the Straw Hat Pirates while Toto, Kappa, Farafra and Erik stood with him.

Later, when Vivi made the trip to Mary Geoise for the Levely with her father and others, Koza stood in the crowd and saw her off. As he did so, he remarked that the pirate in the princess would probably reappear.


  • Koza was trained as a boy by Chaka.
  • His favorite food is Yakitori.

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