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Little Mountain is a giant white boar and the child of the Mountain God. 30 years ago, he served as a means of transportation for Kozuki Oden and his entourage.


Forty-one years ago, he was still a freshman and quite small. Eleven years later, however, he had already grown to the point where Kozuki Oden could sit on his back along with a palanquin.


The Mountain God Incident

Oden faces the angry mountain god

Forty-one years ago, three men kidnapped the Mountain God Child and planned to sell it to Boss Kurokoma, who had offered a large reward for it. He planned to use the Mountain God Child to lure the Mountain God to Hyogoro and wipe him and his clan out. However, Kinemon stole this beforehand and took it to the Flower Capital, after which the Mountain God headed there. On his way there, he ate Tsuru and two of the previous kidnappers, among others.

While the people of the flower capital fled, Oden grabbed the piglet and lured the mountain god to him. After many villages had already fallen victim to the Mountain God, Kinemon went after him after hearing that Tsuru had also been eaten, but he couldn’t do anything. Oden then held the Mountain God’s offspring in the air and faced the giant boar. With just one attack, he slashed the Mountain God, saving everyone who had been eaten earlier. This tragedy would later go down in the history books of Wano Country as the “Mountain God Incident”.

Eleven years after the Berggott incident

Small mountain carries odes

However, the Mountain God had survived this and was able to be patched up. Eleven years later, 30 years ago, the Mountain God and his child were friends with Kozuki Oden and his entourage. Kozuki Oden had already risen to become the daimyo of Kuri, and before traveling to the Flower Capital, he visited the Mountain God and took the Mountain God’s child, who was also already tall by now, to place a sort of palanquin on top of him. Thus, the Mountain God child carried Kozuki Oden through the Flower Capital.

What subsequently became of Kleiner Berg and the mountain god is unknown.

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