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White Feather Komei is a strategist in the Navy and holds the rank of Vice Admiral there. His mission was to capture the Straw Hat Pirates. He developed a complex plan to do so and joined Foxy’s gang along with Dojaku and Kansho for appearances.

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 16 – Adventures on Nebulandia.


Komei as sergeant

Komei has long, dark hair with a strand running along the temple on both the right and left sides. In addition, he has a very long, pointed chin beard and a pointed upper lip beard on both sides above the corners of his mouth. He basically has a very angular face and so also a very angular, pointed nose. He has two scars on the left side of his forehead and another just below his left eye.

He wears a light-colored robe with a green pattern on the ends, tied shut with a purple sash around his waist. Over this he wears a navy coat and a tall blue hat with the navy symbol on the front. As a member of the Foxy Pirates, he wore neither the coat nor the hat, but the typical blindfold of the gang.

As a non-commissioned officer, he wore the standard naval uniform, consisting of a white shirt, blue trousers, a blue neckerchief and a cap with the naval logo on the front. He was very skinny. His hair was brown and shorter, whereas he did not yet have a goatee. His peculiar upper lip beard was already there in rudiments, but still much shorter. He already had the scars on his face at this point.


Komei is highly intelligent, always planning five steps ahead and keeping himself well informed about his opponent. He gives each of his plans or actions a name, ending with Maneuver, to emphasize this. He deeply detests pirates, as his homeland was once attacked because of them. Furthermore, he dislikes devil fruit users and therefore wants to prove that even normal people can be superior to a devil fruit user. Still, he doesn’t care about praise from Crane or fame at all. His goal is to end the age of the pirates, for which any means and dirty tricks will do.

Skills & Strengths

In combat, Komei mostly takes advantage of his surroundings and relies more on traps and ambushes to defeat his opponents. However, when he is forced to fight himself, it becomes apparent that he is quite skilled in the use of armor haki. If he reinforces his feather fan with armor haki, he can warp it into a longsword, showing that he is a talented swordsman. Furthermore, he also possesses a small cannon, which he usually uses with his other hand in battle.


When Komei was a child, his home was invaded by pirates. Later he joined the navy to fight against the evil, the pirates.


Komei Joins The Foxy Piratesbang

At an unknown time, Komei infiltrated the Foxy Pirates along with Dojaku by intentionally losing a Davy Back Fight to them in order to finish off the Straw Hat Pirates. A few days earlier, he infiltrated Kansho this way so that no connection between the three of them would be apparent.

Then, when the Straw Hat Pirates arrived on Kinoko Island via a fake SOS signal, Foxy challenged the Straw Hat Monkey D. Luffy again, which the latter immediately accepted. The first contest was devised by the tactician Komei himself: an eating contest. In this, he manipulated the Straw Hats in that instead of Brook, the swordsman Roronoa Zoro competed alongside his captain and Sanji. It turned out that the mushrooms were so-called groggy mushrooms, which, when consumed, robbed a person of the will to fight and incapacitate them. Even his actual captain, Foxy, was not privy to them, and so the three straw hats, as well as Hamburger and Porche, were incapacitated.

Further, a prison device was hidden in the sand under the stage, which Komei then activated and dragged the cage to Foxy’s ship, which was captured by the Navy. At the last moment, Robin was able to heal the Straw Hat with a power mushroom, allowing it to escape, but Sanji, Zoro, and the two Foxy pirates were captured. An attempt by Foxy to slow the ship with his Noro-Noro Beam failed, as Komei had already made preparations and had protected the ship by a cloak that reflected him. He threw an Eternal Port into the water leading to Nebulandia to the Straw Hats to ambush them in case they wanted to rescue their friends.

Komei towers over the straw hats

On his way to Nebulandia, he visited the prisoners and commented that he was going to have the Straw Hats executed, as well as Porche and Hamburger. He then got word via Den-den Mushi that the Thousand Sunny was on its way and had naval ships surround it. However, with Foxy’s devil fruit and coup de burst, they escaped. Once on the island, Komei initiated the second plan, welcoming the Straw Hats present by loudspeaker and giving them until daybreak to rescue their captured friends. But even the Straw Hats’ rescue attempt seemed hopeless, as Komei planned ahead. The island was home to a creeper that grows through seawater and therefore had a similar effect on devil fruit users as sea stone. As a result, Robin was able to be captured. Further attempts also failed.

Afterwards, Komei was contacted by Kranich and certified that everything was going according to plan. After being informed by his subordinates that the two Straw Hats left behind on Kinoko, Chopper and Brook, had also been captured, he initiated the third and final part of his plan. Shortly after, he was able to capture Franky and Usopp as well. With only Nami and Luffy left, Komei offered the Straw Hat that he would let them all go if he came for them alone and let himself be captured in exchange. However, if he did not come by daybreak, his friends would be sent to Impel Down. Luffy went along with this and set out alone. On a ledge, the Straw Hat finally found his bound friends, but a trap had also been set there by Komei; a hole into which Luffy was in danger of falling. He was able to cling to the precipice, but seawater lurked beneath him. Komei appeared in person and conversed with the Straw Hat, explaining the reasoning behind his hatred of pirates. He then kicked the Straw Hat into the hole, but he was able to hold onto the wall just before the seawater.

Luffy defeats Komei

Komei, however, used a huge sword to push him into the water. Finally, Nami, Fox, and Kansho appeared and Nami jumped into the hole to save her captain while Foxy used a gun to stop the Vice Admiral from interfering. He then pulled them both out of the hole and he revived Luffy. However, shortly after, Luffy was shot by Kansho, who also infiltrated Foxy’s gang and was a member of the Navy. The Straw Hats were enraged and Nami attacked Komei, but he simply deflected her lightning attack, incapacitating her and Foxy as well. However, as he was about to have them all taken away, Chopper and Brook, who were thought to be trapped, suddenly appeared on the Kinoconda with some Foxy pirates and rescued the others. Cured by Chopper’s medicine, which he made from the power mushrooms, the Straw Hats and the Foxy Pirates now confronted the Navy, and to everyone’s surprise, Luffy was also still alive. The bullet was stopped by a pin he got from Foxy.

Eventually, Monkey D. Luffy confronted the Vice Admiral and a fight ensued, but he was assisted by Foxy, who slowed Komei and his cannonball. The fight was ultimately ended by Luffy, who defeated Komei with a Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk. He was taken to a warship along with the other defeated marines, but Monkey D. Garp was certain that Komei would not lose heart over this defeat.


  • Komei’s character and appearance seem to be a reference to Zhuge Liang, also known as Kongming.

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