Kodama of One Piece

Kodama is the granddaughter of Odama and makes fireworks with him.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Sketches Kodamas

Kodama is still a little girl. She has shoulder-length dark hair, under which she wears a red headband. Her face is made up according to the example of her family. She wears an orange sweater and grey and white pants. Over this she has put on a blue kimono with yellow patterns and a red bow. On her feet she wears sandals.


Kodama is generally a very cheerful girl, this despite the fact that her parents died very young due to an accident. Although their cause of death is due to her work as a manufacturer of fireworks, she wishes to continue their work. This also suggests a certain ambition. She also knows about her own abilities and likes to show them off. She seems so confident in her skills that she is not even afraid to make and set off the same fireworks that killed her parents.


Despite her youth, she is very talented in the use of gunpowder and the making of fireworks. This skill has been passed down from generation to generation within her family for 400 years.


For 400 years, the knowledge of fireworks has been passed down from generation to generation within Kodama’s family. A year before the current storyline, her parents died from a firecracker that was set off too early.


When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived at Fireworks Island, it was the day of the big fireworks display. Kodama was eager to set off an enormously large firework, the same one that killed her parents, however. Knowing that her grandfather would never approve, she only told the rest of the fireworks crew about it and asked them to keep it quiet. Usopp was also let in on the secret, who actually only came because he wanted to ask for black powder.

However, since it was raining, it wasn’t even sure if the fireworks could take place.
As Kodama was preparing to set off the large firework, her grandfather, along with the crew, interrupted her. The crew had betrayed their intentions, deeming the action too dangerous.

Grieving, Kodama then visited her parents’ grave. They were joined by Usopp, who was able to comfort Kodama. Immediately after, the rainfall ended. Thus the fireworks could take place.

Together with the rest of the crew, they set off the fireworks in the evening. At the same time, Usopp had found a solution to set off the large firework without risk. Working with Kodama’s grandfather, he finally set it off. Kodama was then overjoyed, as her parents’ work could continue.

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