Kobe of One Piece

Kobe is a resident of Wano Country and owns the land on which Kumagoro lives.


Kobe is a man of advanced age with graying hair, having hair only at the back of his head. This is tied into a knot quite typical of Wano Country. He wears a polka dotted kimoo and a coat with a diamond pattern is thrown over his shoulders. He has glasses and was seen carrying a pipe during his introduction.


In search of the blueprints for Kaidou’s residence on Onigashima, Franky came to Kobe, having acquired them from Kumagoro, as compensation for the lack of rent. However, he made the blueprints a gift to his favorite geisha, Kisegawa.

Then on the day of the Fire Festival, Rakuda celebrated with the entire population of Wano Country, and it was revealed that he was hoping for an alliance victory to overthrow Kaidou and Orochi.


  • Kumagoro, Kobe, Kisegawa, Tokijiro and Rakuda, the people who were in possession of the blueprints, are characters from rakugo comedies.
    Kobe is from the rakugo comedy “Kogote Kobe”.

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