Koala of One Piece

Koala was a slave to a world aristocrat until she was eight, when Fisher Tiger attacked Mary Geoise. Three years later, she was on a journey back to her true home with the Sun Pirates. Twelve years later, she emerged as a member of the Revolutionary Army on Dress Rosa. Within this organization, she holds the position of officer (jap. 幹部, Kanbu) and is also a substitute teacher of fish-man karate.


At the age of 11

Koala was wearing a white, dirty shirt and dungarees at her first meeting with the Sun Pirates. Her hair was shoulder length and disheveled.

When she was back home, she already looked neater. Her hair was done and she wore a yellow dress in combination with reddish shoes.

At 23, Koala has evolved into a woman who continues to wear her hair short. On her head she now has a newsboy cap with goggles on. Her light-colored shirt is decorated with ruffles at the collar. Koala now wears a skirt and thigh-high stockings and heeled shoes, as well as dark gloves.


Koala cleans like a slave not to be killed

Koala grinned constantly. The reason for this lies in her experiences during her time as a slave. She had to learn that other slaves who cried from fear or did not want to or could not continue working were usually killed by the World Nobles. Since she wanted to stay alive, she always continued to work without taking a break or crying.

By now, thanks to the Sun Pirates and the Revolutionary Army, she seems to have worked through all of her horrible experiences as a slave. Her put-on smile has evolved into a genuine one. She’s also not afraid to speak her mind to her superior Sabo and reprimand him for his negligence, somewhat reminiscent of Nami and Luffy. This is something she would probably never dare to do if she hadn’t shed her submissive attitude from back in the day.

Her friendship and cooperation with the Sun Pirates and the Revolutionary Army, as well as the fact that she is proficient in Pisces Karate, suggest that she is sympathetic to Pisces and considers the World Government to be her enemy.

She seems to have a very close friendly relationship with several members of the Revolutionary Army. When she saw Robin on Dress Rosa, she immediately rushed to her and hugged her. As Sabo regained his memories of his childhood, Koala again looked very sad at the thought of Sabo possibly leaving her now.

Skills and strengths

She is the first known person to master fish-man karate, and was thus able to hold her own on Dress Rosa against several opponents bigger and stronger than her. She is, after all, proficient enough to teach it within the Revolutionary Army as a substitute teacher.


On the ship of the sun pirates

Koala’s life with the pirates

Once Koala was a slave to the World Nobles in Mary Geoise, but she too, at the age of eight, was able to escape through the Fisher Tiger liberation operation and find shelter on an island for three years. When the Sun Pirates appeared there three years later, the residents asked the Fish-Men to take the little girl, as they had no way to return her to her home. After Koala thanked them, she was taken on board with them. Since Koala expected the cruel behavior of the World Nobles from the Fish-Men as well, she scrubbed the deck of the ship with a grin nonstop, whereupon she was beaten by Arlong for her constant grinning. Undeterred, she continued scrubbing the deck of the ship, whereupon Jinbe noticed that she was bleeding. However, the little girl merely replied that it wouldn’t matter, after all, she wanted to see her mother again and not be killed by the fish people.

Fisher Tiger, who must have overheard all this, stepped in front of the girl and ordered his men to take her to his cabin. There he branded Koala with the mark of the Sun Pirates and became enraged when she also apologized for being knocked unconscious by the pain, but would ask that she please not be killed. Fisher Tiger retorted that Koala shouldn’t compare them to the World Nobles and showed her a gun, which he threw into the sea at the same time. He thought that no one would be killed by them, and ordered them to return home at all costs. Now even Koala could not stand it any longer after all the experienced hardships of her young life and gave free rein to tears.

Koala can finally hug her mother again

Over time, Koala had become less and less afraid and more and more trusting of the fish people on board. Only Arlong could still scare her enough to cause her to revert to her old slave behavior. However, except for Arlong, she was accepted by more and more members of the Sun Pirates. When they finally reached Koala’s home island after a long journey, even Makro and some other members cried bitter tears due to Koala’s separation and even asked her to stay with them as a pirate. Fisher Tiger then personally brought Koala to her village, where she was immediately greeted warmly by her mother and the other villagers. Still, the mood was slightly somber. What Koala didn’t know was that the villagers had made a deal with the navy so that Koala would no longer have to be a slave in exchange for betraying Fisher Tiger to the navy.

At the age of 14, Koala joined the Revolutionary Army. Here she learned fish-man karate and became friends with Hack and Sabo. When the newspapers reported the outcome of the great war between the Navy and Whitebeard’s Alliance, Sabo remembered his past again and fell into a coma. Hack and Koala were very worried about him. Much later, during the two-year time jump, she also befriended Nico Robin and taught her some basics of fish-man karate.


On Dress Pink

The trio is awell coordinated team

Koala was on Dress Rosa at the same time as the Straw Hat Pirates. Her mission was to work with Sabo and Hack to put an end to the war-mongering arms shipments from Dress Rosa once and for all. She kept in contact with both of them the entire time via a Den-den Mushi.

After defeating several members of the Donquixote Pirates, she made a phone call to Sabo, who was fighting for Luffy in the tournament and took over his disguise. She was to keep an eye on the situation in Dress Rosa and inform him of any unusual activity. Later, Koala disguised herself as a member of the Donquixote family and headed to the Coliseum. She arrived just in time to watch the finale begin and Sabo’s grand entrance. The winner was to receive the Fire Fruit as a prize. Hack had also participated in the tournament, but he was eliminated and turned into one of Sugar’s toys, which was why Koala had lost her memories of him.

Koala is happy about the reunion with Robin

As the living toys transformed back to Dress Rosa, memories of Hack, Nico Robin, and those of all the soldiers previously sent to Dress Rosa returned to Koala. Sabo then ended the tournament by blowing up the entire ring with his bare hands, tearing a hole in the ground, and finally taking and eating the Fire Fruit. Koala informed Hack of all the happenings and assured him that she and Sabo would be with him soon. She jumped down to the battlefield, handed her superior his outfit, and together they made their way through the hole to the underground port of Dress Rosa, where Hack was already located. To the confused Rebecca, they told all about Luffy, whom until now she had only known as the fighter “Lucy”, and about the goals of the revolutionaries. Koala was happy that Robin was also present in the harbor and hugged her with joy.

However, due to Doflamingo’s birdcage, the group in the underground port was forced to flee because they were all after the bounties offered. While the others returned to the surface, Koala stayed in the underground port and discovered that the pirate ships docked here were actually merchant ships from different kingdoms. She took photos with a Den-den Mushi and then headed back to the surface as well. She met Sabo after his fight against Fujitora in front of the new royal plateau and was furious that he had picked a fight with the navy. Afterwards, however, they parted ways once more. She hid in the lower part of the king’s palace a short time later and informed Sabo that Luffy was in danger.

Koala takes a closer look at the boxes of the underground port

After Luffy regenerated his Haki during his fight against Doflamingo, she watched Jesus Burgess, who was now also making his move to acquire the Devil Fruit from the Straw Hat Captain. Again Koala reported to Sabo, who then rushed to Luffy’s rescue. After Doflamingo’s defeat, the revolutionaries gathered again at the underground port. Koala, meanwhile, had also found a certain list that the revolutionaries had been looking for. They informed Sabo to head to the underground port as well, but he hung up prematurely, which greatly angered Koala. Later, the revolutionaries left the island along with all the weapons that were in the underground port.

On Baltigo

On Baltigo, Koala Dragon reported that the weapons they brought back from Dress Rosa contained a special mineral that is only mined in certain places in the world. This could possibly be used to draw conclusions about its origin. Dragon then tasked them with summoning all the leaders of the Revolutionary Army, which rather horrified Koala. A short time later, the newspaper reported that the Blackbeard pirates had attacked Baltigo. By the time the Cipher Pol and the navy reached the island, it had been completely destroyed.

The Revolutionary Army on the Levely

After the battle against Blackbeard and his gang, the Revolutionary Army moved its headquarters to Momoiro Island, ruled by Emporio Ivankov. At the same time, major preparations were taking place as the Revolutionary Army planned to overthrow the World Nobles during the Levely in Mary Geoise. Koala also discussed this with Belo Betty.

A headline about Sabo

A new article in the World Economic Newspaper about Sabo sent the Revolutionary Army into an uproar. Reading the report brought tears to Koala’s eyes and she did not want to believe what was written in the newspaper.


  • She was the first known person to use fish-man karate before she also trained Nico Robin in it.
  • Her favorite dish is Gomuku Chimaki.
  • Although she hasn’t been seen in a single fight in the manga so far, or even shown any technique, she was still featured as a playable character in the fighting game One Piece: Burning Blood.

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