Kiruko of One Piece

Kiruko participated together with Whitejack in the Turtle Car Race on Gran Tesoro.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Gold (2016).


Kiruko is a young woman with shoulder length blonde hair. She wears a pink, very revealing nurse outfit with fishnet stockings, white gloves and white shoes. She also wears a heart-shaped hat with a “4” on the front and a red bow tie around her neck. Furthermore, she has applied red lipstick and carries a huge syringe in her hand, which is filled with green liquid.


When Monkey D. Luffy, Tony Tony Tony Chopper and Usopp participated in the Turtle Car Race, Kiruko was also one of the participants as Whitejack’s assistant. While Whitejack was at the wheel, she took a seat in the back. After Straight and Curve were eliminated, they took the lead, but the three Straw Hat Pirates were close on their heels. Kiruko, however, immediately knew what her driver expected of her and then sprayed the green liquid from her syringe, which proved to be extremely slippery, causing the Straw Hat Pirates to skid. However, the next chaser was already closing in and they were eventually forced off the track with ease by Kent Beef Jr. and eliminated from the race.

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