Kingbaum of One Piece

King tree is a large, monstrous-looking tree that calls itself the Lord of the Wondrous Forest.


In keeping with the name, the Lord of the Wondrous Forest is a deciduous tree of huge proportions, towering many times over the tall Pound. Having been brought to life and humanized by the devilish powers of Big Mom, he has human aspects such as arm-like branches and a face. The latter gives a rather sinister, villainous impression due to the huge, sharp-toothed mouth and the grim eyes, which is rounded off by a curved moustache.


King Baum relied heavily on his own abilities and those of his subordinates. Thus, he claims that no target has ever made it out of the Forest of Temptation alive. At the same time, he is a loyal subordinate of the Charlotte family. He reverently respects Big Mom in particular, or rather her soul, as he resists going after Nami, who is in possession of Big Mom’s Vivre Card, against Brûlée’s orders.

Skills and strengths

Through the powers of the Soul Fruit, King Baum has gained some human traits, so he is able to speak and move. Furthermore, like the other homies, he is able to perceive Big Mom’s soul.


King Baum first appeared with Charlotte Brûlée after Charlotte Cracker had just appeared in the wondrous forest. Baum and the other homies gave chase to the fleeing Nami and Pound. In the process, it was revealed that Nami was in possession of Big Mom’s Vivre Card, making an attack by the Homies impossible. After Nami took out Brûlée, the navigator took advantage of Baum’s fear of the Vivre Card and placed herself and Pound in its jaws. This allowed them to escape further attacks by the rest of the forest’s homies. Nami also ordered Baum to protect her from the Candy Commander’s attacks during the eleven hour battle between Luffy and Cracker. This Cracker took as treason and threatened to report it to Big Mom. Although Baum tried to explain that his hands were tied due to the Vivre Card, Cracker did not accept his apology.

After Cracker’s defeat, Baum angrily wondered where Nami got the Vivre Card. Afterwards, Luffy ordered him to transport her to Big Mom’s castle to prevent Sanji’s wedding. However, on the way, they encountered the Vinsmoke family’s carriage, which was also on its way to Whole Cake Chateau. Unexpectedly, Sanji stood up to his friends and continued on his way to the castle afterwards. Since Luffy had promised his Cook to stay put until Sanji returned, Baum also stayed with them. Cracker’s defeat, however, resulted in Big Mom sending out her Army of Wrath to avenge the Candy Commander. King Baum was not spared from this attack, as Lady Amande punished him for the support he gave Luffy and Nami. She cut him in half once vertically and left him for dead.

However, King Baum was doctored by Lady Tree and thus managed to survive. Shortly after, the fleeing Straw Hats came across the two homies and Nami again used the Vivre Card to make King Baum her servant. He thus had no choice and helped Luffy and the others continue their escape. However, the group was quickly caught up by Big Mom, Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon, and King Baum was once again severely injured by the Spear of Elbaf: Power of the Nation attack. Thinking of his fiancée Lady Tree, the homie decided that he shouldn’t die here. He ran on as fast as he could and was able to briefly escape the pursuers, but Prometheus caught up with the fugitives again and killed King Baum with his flames for good.


  • Like many other characters, King Baum has a distinctive speech feature. He often adds a -ju to the end of sentences, which means “tree” in Japanese.
  • His “favorite food” is water.

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