Killer of One Piece

Killer is a member of the Kid Pirates and one of the 11 Supernovae. Because of his fighting technique, he is also known as the“Massacre Soldier” (jap. 殺戮武人, Satsuriku Bujin). In Wano Country, he appeared under the alias Kamazo the Executioner (Eng. manga) or Slasher (Eng. anime) (jap. 人斬り鎌ぞう, Hitokiri Kamazō) after eating a failed Smile fruit.


Alias Kamazo

Killer wears a mask that encircles his entire head and has wild, long blonde hair. His clothing consists of a white-spotted black shirt and denim pants, over which he wears light blue chaps. He has two handguards, which include very long sickles. When he is not fighting with them, they are in sheaths on either side of his hips.

Since the time jump, Killer has changed somewhat. While he used to be rather lean and slender, Killer now possesses a more muscular body, over which he wears a blue t-shirt. His hair seems even longer and wilder, and he also now possesses a chin beard that protrudes slightly from under his mask. There is also a large burn scar on his upper left arm.

After eating a failed Smile fruit and assuming a new identity, he stopped wearing his mask. He has his long hair tied up and his face, as well as his body, is completely bandaged. It can be seen that he has a relatively very large mouth. Furthermore he wears a dark kimono, which is tied shut by a light Obi (sash). Over his shoulders he wears a dark cloak.


Killer seems to be one of the quieter members of the kid pirate gang. However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t just as brutal as the rest of the crew. Even in combat, he doesn’t speak a word. During the meeting with Hawkins and Apoo’s pirate gang, it was also revealed that Killer is much more reasonable than his captain, and also advises the latter not to get so worked up so quickly and to remain polite while talking to the other pirate captains. When a small argument breaks out between the three captains, Killer also tries to settle it right away and mediate between the three.

Even though Zoro had a much higher bounty than him, he didn’t hesitate to fight him either, which shows that Killer has a lot of confidence in his abilities. As Kid mentioned, Killer hates his own laugh, which is why he always wears a mask to suppress it. He doesn’t even take the mask off to eat or drink.

Skills and Strength

Killer possesses two sickle swords that he can rotate. He calls them Punisher (jap. パニッシャー, Panisshā).

He can also use it to block attacks, leaving the opponent free in front of him and allowing Killer to attack him head-on. His demonstrated combat skills, and intent to kill, make him a formidable opponent. He is proficient in armor and observation shaki.

Meanwhile, in Wano Country, Killer had eaten a Smile Fruit. However, this seemed to have been a failure, as he did not gain any special powers from it and has since only been able to laugh and lost his other emotions. Furthermore, he has also been unable to swim since then.


On the Sabaody Archipelago

Killer fights against the Pacifista

Killer came to the Sabaody Archipelago with the Kid Pirates, who were there to prepare for the New World. The first time he appeared was when he fought Urouge, however the fight was interrupted by X. Drake interrupted. He later returned to his gang to watch the Human Auctioning House. Later, after Luffy disrupted the auction, he fought alongside the Straw Hat Pirates and the Heart Pirates to escape before the Admiral appears.

During the fight, Luffy commented that one day he will find the One Piece, to which the Kid briefly interrupts the fight. After remembering that he had only been met with ridicule and scorn for such remarks on his journey thus far, Kid and his gang escaped. They attempted to get to their ship, however they were stopped by a Pacifista. Working with Law, they eventually managed to defeat the Pacifista.

During the great battle

Kid and his men watch the broadcast

However, the gang seems to have survived the fight without any major damage, as they were on the archipelago watching the broadcast of the fight between the Whitebeard gang and the Impel Down escapees along with Luffy against the Navy from a safe distance. When the broadcast was cut off, Kid just mentioned that the “show” was probably over now. Later, Kid and his crew were seen heading towards Fish-Man Island. As they did so, they watched the proceedings on Marine Ford from a great distance.

News about Luffy

Eustass Kid in front of Crucified

On a New World island, Kid was reading the newspaper article about Luffy and had Killer explain to him what the bell ringing was all about. He threw the newspaper from him and laughed at Luffy for thinking he could usher in the new era. Finally, he turned to his prisoners, a band of pirates who, like him, came from the first half of the Grand Line. She begged him to let her back into “paradise.” The Kid just laughed and said such weak gangs shouldn’t have come here in the first place. As it turned out, some of the prisoners had already been crucified by the Kid pirate gang. That made the Kid and Killer, apart from Basil Hawkins, the only ones of the Supernovae who hadn’t had any trouble in the New World so far.

Pirate Alliance

Killer tries to mediate

In the two years following the Battle of Marine Ford, the Kid pirate gang made a name for themselves in the New World. Killer’s bounty rose to 200 million berries in the process. Among other things, the Kid pirates attacked two ships belonging to the Big Mom pirate gang…. On an unknown island in the New World, the Kid pirate gang had set up headquarters. The Kid and Killer watched the demonstration of Caesar Clown’s newest chemical weapon, Shinokuni, via video Den-den Mushi to learn about its effects. After spotting Law and Luffy on the screen as well, Kid went with Killer to another room to greet his guests, whom he had invited earlier. Killer asked Kid to be as friendly as possible while doing so, which his captain promised him he would be. However, the promise could not be kept for long, as their guests Basil Hawkins and Scratchmen Apoo had torn the room apart in the meantime to make sure there were no traps lurking for them.

Kaidou suddenly appears

This provoked the Kid to the point that he wanted to fight Apoo again. Basil thought the behavior was too childish and was about to leave until Killer interfered. He tried to settle the dispute and explain that the other two pirate captains had been called in to form a pirate alliance with them. As later revealed in the newspaper, the alliance did come about. After Luffy’s victory over Donquixote Doflamingo, the three allied captains sat at a table and reviewed the events on Dress Rosa while they ate. Killer stood by the Kid’s side as they did so, eating through the holes in his mask. The captains quickly realized that Kaidou was probably going to be the target of Luffy and Law, and were glad that they wouldn’t get in their way on their next venture. As it was learned from Killer, they were going to overthrow redshirt Shanks.

However, their planning for this was interrupted by Kaidou, who literally fell from the sky. Together, they confronted their unwanted adversary. However, Apoo had merely tricked them and deliberately led them to Kaidou, who was always looking for strong subordinates. While the Kid and Killer refused, fought him, and were eventually captured, Hawkins submitted to the Emperor.

Wano Country

Kamazo (Killer) vs Zoro

Ever since Kid was imprisoned by Kaidou, Killer worked for Kaidou under the alias Kamazo. At an unknown time, he was forced to eat a Smile fruit. As Kamazo, he quickly became known as a wanted assassin, while actually working as an assassin for Orochi. Later, Kamazo was apparently hired by Shogun Orochi to kill the Kamuro O-Toko. This assignment had been preceded by the Shogun’s banquet at his castle, where O-Toko had laughed at the Shogun, causing great chaos. Kamazo tracked O-Toko and an unknown woman who was protecting the little girl to Ringo, where they happened to run into Zoro, who was fighting the weapon collector Gyukimaru. The unknown woman asked Zoro for help and so a fight broke out between Kamazo and the swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates. When Zoro was distracted by Gyukimaru, Kamazo managed to wound Zoro. In doing so, Zoro got hold of one of Kamazo’s sickles, which he was then able to use for his attack Rengoku Oni Giri, hitting Kamazo hard.

Kamazo then came to Udon after his defeat. Kid saw this during an escape attempt, recognized his friend Killer and tried to rescue him, but failed. Kid and Killer were then taken to prison, where they would serve as leverage for Luffy. Both were dunked headfirst underwater until Luffy would surrender and die. However, due to Big Mom’s sudden appearance and her attack on Queen, both were freed from their predicament. Raizo then threw Kid the keys to his sea stone handcuffs, believing him to be a friend of Luffy’s. After taking over Udon, his captain refused an offer of alliance from Luffy and went off alone with Killer to find her crew.

Attack on Onigashima

Old vs New Generation

Their quest was successful, and so the united Kid pirate gang appeared alongside the Straw Hat and Heart pirate gangs in the waters off Onigashima, defeating the enemy ships and heading for Onigashima. The Kid spurred his crew on and sparked a race with the Straw Hat Pirates, again vowing to be the one to defeat Kaidou. Disguised as the Beast Pirates, they infiltrated Onigashima, but Luffy and Zoro soon sparked a commotion, with Apoo interfering.

When the Kid spotted the traitor, he attacked him directly, which also blew his and Killer’s cover. Still, they had to seek their salvation in flight, but were able to protect themselves from Apoo’s attacks as Killer informed them of their effect. The Kid and Killer were separated from their gang, as well as Luffy and Zoro, and faced a pack of Gifters. They were assisted in the fight by some former prisoners from Udon, including Cho. Later, the Kid and Killer made their way to the top, where they were joined by Law, Luffy, and Zoro to face the two Emperors, Kaidou and Charlotte Linlin. After Luffy’s euphoric start, Killer spoke of how they had a chance to win the fight and despite differences with Zoro, he joined forces with him to attack Kaidou.

Killer vs Hawkins

Working together, the Supernovae were able to land many hits and protect themselves from most attacks, yet the two Emperors seemed invincible together, so it was necessary to separate them. While they were able to do so by briefly knocking Big Mom off the roof, Kid and Killer were themselves transported back inside by her, where they encountered Basil Hawkins. However, in order for Kid to take care of Big Mom, Killer stayed behind and faced Hawkins alone, who however predicted Killer to have a 92% mortality rate. Killer was able to land a few hits in the fight, but the damage was always transferred to others due to Hawkins’ devil power. When Hawkins didn’t have many lives left up his sleeve, however, he revealed that he had connected with Eustass Kid’s life, who was about to take the damage. .


  • He was one of 13 people in the auction house with a bounty on his head.
  • The character design, with mask and swords attached to his forearms, is reminiscent of that of the character Karl Ruprecht Kroenen of (note: needs link) the comic book series Hellboy.
  • Like many characters, Killer also has a distinctive laugh, namely “Faffaffaffa”.
  • In SBS volume 64, Killer can be seen as a child.
  • In SBS volume 72, Oda shows us what Killer would look like if he were female.(show image [hide])
  • In the SBS to Volume 81, Oda announces that Killer loves red pepper, but hates curry udon.
  • In the SBS to volume 82, Oda reveals that Killer’s hobbies are playing the drums and cooking.
  • According to the SBS to Volume 88, Killer would have a pasta store in the real world and would be from Scotland.
  • When asked in the SBS to Volume 95 which plant and animal killer would most resemble, Oda answers snowdrop and weasel.

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