Kenzan Island

The island of Kenzan lies on the Grand Line. On it is the kingdom of Tena Gena.


Kenzan has a very inhospitable landscape. The entire island consists of high, barren mountains that rise steeply into the sky. Only in the resulting gorges and valleys it is possible to settle. Around the island rage large and strong whirlpools.


Sancrin, one of the long-armed people of Kenzan…

Kenzan is inhabited exclusively by long-armed people, who travel to the nearby island of Namakura again and again to kidnap “normal” people and exhibit them as an attraction, since they are completely unknown to them. Only Brook was able to stop these unscrupulous machinations, whereupon he released the long-armed people again to let them return home shocked. However, they kidnapped the living skeleton because they did not believe in a Satan and therefore were not afraid of him.


The longarm people kidnap a woman

When Brook realized how the people of Namakura were being terrorized by the Long-Armed, he summarily defeated them. But when he released them, he was kidnapped instead and put on display on Kenzan as a wonder of the world.
There, he played to his captors, which pleased the inhabitants of Tena Gena greatly. Because of this, Sancrin, a member of the band of robbers, became his manager. With his help, Brook became a celebrated star, but ended his career after two years to go to sea again with Luffy.


Tena Gena

Brook is shown in Tena Gena exhibited

Tena Gena (jap. テーナ・ゲーナ王国, Tēna Gēna Ōkoku) is the home of the longarm people on Kenzan. There, “normal” humans are unknown, which is why they are always on display as an attraction. This is also how the living skeleton Brook ended up in one of the large cages, where he read about Luffy’s deeds in the newspaper. Thereupon he thrilled the whole kingdom with his music.


  • A kenzan is a tool used in Ikebana. It is a solid plate with many pointed nails into which flowers or branches are pressed so that they can stand freely without a vase.
  • Tena Gena comes from the Japanese Te Nageena (手長ーな), which means “the arms are so long”.

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