Kentauros of One Piece

Centauros is a member of the racing duck corps. He smokes cigars and wears a helmet.


Battle for Arabasta

When the Straw Hat Pirates were on their way to Arbana without their captain to stop the rebellion, the situation seemed hopeless. They would never make it in time, but unexpectedly the Super Spot-Billed Duck Troops showed up and picked up the Straw Hat Pirates, Matsuge, and Vivi. To make the princess’s plan work, Matsuge posed as a human and rode the ducks into town, making the Baroque agents think Vivi was among the people. Thus, Kentauros brought Zoro into the city while the princess tried to stop Koza. Later, when Zoro was searching for Nami, he ran into Hikoichi and Kentauros. But to their dismay, he ran not in the direction of his comrade, who was not far away, but in the exact opposite direction, calling it a shortcut. After Luffy’s victory over Crocodile, the racing duck corps saw the rain they had longed for and later took the Straw Hat Pirates to the The Going Merry so they could leave the island again. In the process, Zoro once again rode on Kentauros’ back. Afterwards, they set out on their way home again.

After the departure of the straw hats

Some time later, along with the rest of the racing duck corps and a few familiar Arabasta residents, he visited Ukkari Bath, which had been opened only a short time before by Gedatsu and Goro.


  • His name was first mentioned in the SBS to Volume 20.
  • His favorite dish is mehalabeya, Arabic milk pudding.

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