Kashii of One Piece

Kashii is a former member of the Giant Warrior pirate gang and at times, through Navy intrigue, worked for them as the gatekeeper of Enie’s lobby.


Sketches Kashii

Since Kashii is a giant, he is correspondingly tall. On his head he wears a Viking helmet, under which his brown, shoulder-length hair can be seen. It is noticeable that he has a very prominent and large chin. He wears a kind of kilt, which is brown and slightly decorated. This is tied with suspenders over his bare torso. On his massive feet he wears brown boots.
Most of the time Kashii makes a slight hump.


Kashii is a very friendly and gullible giant. He showed this when he simply believed, without confirmation, that the World Government had captured their captains. So he fought for the World Government for 50 years, but just like Oimo, was still a pirate at heart. However, when they suffered defeat against the Galley-Las and the Franky Family, Kashii wept bitterly because this would probably mean the supposed execution of his captains.

The straw hat he trusted the most was Sogeking, as he told him what had really happened to the two captains. Because of this, he switched sides and fought with the pirates again, willing to sacrifice his life for them. But he couldn’t forgive the World Government for lying to him for so long, so he and Oimo destroyed Enie’s lobby.

He also showed his willingness to help in Water 7, when he helped rebuild after Aqua Laguna. By now he trusted Sogeking so much that he wanted to take him to Elbaf. But Sogeking refused, because he wanted to continue sailing with the Straw Hats.

Like any warrior of Elbaf, Kashii sees himself as a fighter who would rather die in battle than abandon a comrade. He also holds his warrior’s honor in high regard.


The Giant Warrior Pirates still together.

Kashii used to be a member of the Giant Warrior Pirates and fought together with them. However, the two captains Brogy and Dorry started a fight and the gang broke up. The only issue was who had slain the larger sea king. The remaining crew then headed back home to Elbaf. After nearly 40 years, when Charlotte Linlin was in her village, Kashii wondered how long such a duel could last, to which Oimo replied that they should check on them in ten years, if they were not back by then. However, as their captains did not return, they set off, but were caught in the process by the navy. The latter lied to them and told them that their captains were trapped and would be executed unless they worked for the world government for 100 years. Since they can live 300 years as giants, they accepted in order to prevent the supposed execution of the captains.


Gatekeeper on Enies Lobby

As gatekeepers, they protect Enie’s lobby from the attackers.

So they worked as gatekeepers for a long time. But one day the Straw Hat Pirates allied with the Franky Family and the Galley-La. The latter two attacked first to open the gates for the Straw Hats. After a short time they had almost broken through, but suddenly Oimo and Kashii confronted them. In short order they finished off the destroyers and harried the others until Paulie and Zambai attacked with Sodom and Gomorrah. With their combined forces, they managed to take out Kashii first. With his ropes, Paulie was able to hold Oimo off briefly until the rest of the people had pried open the gate to Enie’s lobby. Once they were gleefully on the other side, they were about to be doubly shocked: Oimo was still ready to fight and was about to attack. Furthermore, prying open the gate had been completely pointless, as the Straw Hats came flying over it with Rocketman. In the process, they rammed Oimo to the ground.

Now that they had moved on towards Robin on the King Bulls, Sogeking accidentally stayed behind. In doing so, he met the crying Oimo, who told him his story. However, Sogeking took off his mask and told the truth about Brogy and Dorry. Thereupon Oimo and Kashii straightened up and went to the boys of the Galley-La. These were surrounded and shocked that the giants had come too. The marines already thought they had won, but it turned out differently.

Fight alongside Sogeking

Your revenge for the lies of the world government.

Oimo and Kashii took a swing and knocked the marines away. Since they used to be pirates anyway, they could fight the navy, they said. Besides, they wanted to get back at them for telling them the lies about their captains. They then went on a rampage on Enie’s lobby, destroying everything in their path. Just as the Frankys’ powers were coming to an end, they both showed up outside the courthouse and helped them. In the process, they also brought the Galley-Las with them. They also threw Sogeking onto the roof of the courthouse. After a long and hard fight, both were overpowered, but were freed by the Galley-Las shortly after. Now the two giants carried the King Bulls and the others across Enie’s lobby to escape across the tracks. Just when they thought they had reached their destination, however, a number of Buster Call ships awaited them. They all survived, fortunately, as Oimo and Kashii intercepted the bullets. Paulie also managed to save everyone from falling off the cliff, as he used his unbreakable Galley-La ropes to intercept. This allowed them to climb back up the ropes and escape to Water 7.

Water 7 and the departure

Oimo and Kashii’s departure.

When they arrived in Water 7, they first tended to their wounds and then helped rebuild the city. Since the Aqua Laguna had hit especially hard this time, they and their forces were welcomed. The entire city was heavily impressed because of them, as they erected a huge pillar with almost no problem. They then also asked Usopp if he would come with them to Elbaf, as they considered him a great warrior and were grateful to him. He declined, however, as he would rather rejoin the Straw Hat Pirates. So in the end, Oimo and Kashii went back to Elbaf alone.


  • His favorite food is grilled eggplant.

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