Karasuke of One Piece

Karasuke only appears in Movie 3. He is one of the only two animals on Crown Island that can talk like humans. He is also a good friend of Mobambi and often helps him out.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Chopper on the Island of Strange Beasts (2002).


Like many other animals on the island, Karasuke is not particularly open to people from outside, especially pirates. Still, he sees Mobambi as his best friend and is fiercely loyal to and cares for him.


After Kirin Lion died, Karasuke tried to cheer Mobambi up, as he was suffering greatly from the loss. Karasuke told Mobambi about the legend of a new king falling from the sky, whereupon Chopper suddenly did just that and landed in front of Mobambi and Karasuke. The two, of course, immediately tried to convince Chopper that he was their new king.

After Chopper lured Count Butler away from the animals and it looked like he was going to run away, Karasuke wanted to abandon Chopper like other animals. But when Mobambi tried to steal the horns of Kirin Lion to help Chopper, Karasuke warned him of the consequences. Nevertheless, he helped him in the end with his plan. Together, they also tried to lure Count Butler into a lava fissure, but their plan failed.
Later, Karasuke proposed Mobambi as the new king of the animals.


  • He wears glasses.
  • Karasu means crow, hence the name.

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