Karasu of One Piece

Karasu is a member of the Revolutionary Army and holds the position of commander there.


Karasu is a large muscular man with a grim expression. He is bald and, in keeping with his name, wears a metallic beak that covers the entire lower half of his face. Inside this beak is a speaker, as he cannot be understood otherwise. Karasu wears a black feather coat, which he wears open, and black pants. Around his neck he has tied a bright bandana.


Karasu has a scary appearance. Accordingly, if someone doesn’t understand him acoustically, he seems to get angry quickly. On Lulusia, Peachbeard complained about Karasu’s muttering because he couldn’t understand him, so he immediately put on a grim expression. However, Karasu only noticed later that he had forgotten to turn on his speaker, which he had installed in his metal beak so that his words could be heard properly.

Skills & Strength

Karasu holds the position of commander within the Revolutionary Army, commanding the Army of the North.

Apparently he possesses a devilish power that allows him to dissolve his body into many black crows. These are so large and strong that they can carry individuals on their backs. The crows can operate over a large space and thus quickly robbed the pirate on Lulusia of their weapons.

He is also proficient in observation and armor haki.



Karasu was present on Dress Rosa after the fall of Donquixote Doflamingo. He picked up Sabo from Kyros’ house and took him with his crows to the harbor where a ship of the revolutionaries was to leave for Baltigo.


Before Karasu and his comrades reached the kingdom of Kamabakka, he, Lindbergh, Belo Betty and Morley landed on the island of Lulusia. There the pirates around Peachbeard were looting the town. When Karasu and the other commanders showed up, Belo Betty encouraged the residents to fight themselves with their devil powers. Karasu and Lindbergh supported them in their fight, so the pirates were quickly defeated. Afterwards, the four commanders made their way back to Kamabakka, where they were to meet with the rest of the Revolutionary forces. The reason for the meeting was a declaration of war that the revolutionaries wanted to make to the World Nobles during the upcoming Levely.

Mary Geoise

After their meeting in the Kingdom of Kamabakka, Morley, Karasu, Lindbergh, and Sabo made their way to Mary Geoise. Thanks to Morley’s devil powers, the revolutionaries were able to hide in the underground of the Holy Land. There they consulted on how to rescue Bartholomew Kuma, who was being held as a slave by the World Nobles in Mary Geoise. Finally, on the fourth day of the Levely, a fight broke out between Karasu as well as his companions and the two admirals Fujitora and Aramaki.Theexact outcome is unknown, however, the Levely ended on schedule and the World Economy newspaper carried a harrowing report about Sabo.


  • Karasu is Japanese and means crow.
  • Karasu’s mask is reminiscent of the beaked masks worn by some Plague doctor the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Karasu’s hobby is volunteering and his favorite dish is sausages, while he dislikes chicken dishes.

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