Kaneshiro of One Piece

Kaneshiro is a goldfish man and shipwright in the Arlong Pirates. He was once a member of the Sun Pirates. He has his trademark sign for “gold” tattooed on his chest and forehead.


Sketches Kaneshiro

Kaneshiro is a goldfish man with pale, light skin. On either side of his head he has a blue fin and he wears a small golden hat. Under his eyes he has pronounced bags under his eyes and wide lips. On his forehead and his chest he has tattooed the kanji sign for “gold” as mentioned at the beginning. Other tattoos can be found on his left arm, which bears the symbol of the Sun Pirates, and on his left leg, which means “the goldfish”. He wears an orange open shirt with circle patterns and white shorts that reach his knees. A purple sash is tied around his waist and he wears sandals on his feet.

When he first docked in the Conomi Islands with the Arlong Pirates, he was still wearing a slightly different outfit. His open-necked shirt was entirely patterned with the kanji character for “gold” and he wore a short, dark cape. His light-colored shorts were vertically striped.


Kaneshiro has joined Arlong, showing that he shares his attitude towards humans. This is underscored by the fact that for years, as part of the Arlong gang, he cold-heartedly and unconscionably bullied the residents of the Conomi Islands.

Skills and strength

As a fish-man, Kaneshiro has a higher physical strength than the common man and can move very fast in the water. He continues to have very dexterous hands and, as a shipwright, is able to build and repair ships. However, unlike the stronger members of the Arlong Pirates, he is rather weak, as seen in his quick defeat at the hands of Luffy, who took him and other fishmen out in no time as he flung Moo Cow around.



Kaneshiro was once part of the Sun Pirates, but after Fisher Tiger died, the members split up, and Arlong was later freed from the Impel Down by Jinbe’s ascension to Samurai of the Seas, he joined it in its quest to exact revenge against the humans.

Then, when the Arlong pirates took over the Conomi Islands eight years before the Straw Hat pirates emerged and established a reign of terror there, Kaneshiro was also present. As Arlong and his commanders collected protection money from the inhabitants of Koko, the Goldfish Man stood guard with the other crew members.


After the Straw Hat Pirates reached the Conomi Islands, Arlong was once again present in Kokos to oppress the villagers and assert his superiority over the humans. When he tried to kill the policeman and village leader Genzo, Usopp fired at Arlong, drawing attention to himself. Kaneshiro was also present, but the name Usopp meant nothing to him.This information comes from an anime filler.

After the brief altercation, Kaneshiro, along with Pisaro and other fish people, were on their way home to Arlong Park in a small patch of woods with Arlong in tow, but their captain broke free, causing Kaneshiro and Pisaro to fall out of fear. After no one answered his question about whether the long-nose had been caught by now, Arlong gathered himself again and they continued striding towards Arlong Park.

Later, when Luffy attacked Arlong Park, Kaneshiro and other fish people were defeated with ease by Luffy as he twirled Moo Cow around. Ultimately, after Arlong was also defeated by the Straw Hat Captain, the entire gang was caught and imprisoned by the Navy. Hatchan later told the Straw Hat Pirates that he was the only one who escaped.


  • In the anime, unlike in the manga, Kaneshiro was already wearing the same outfit when he subjugated the Conomi Islands as he did when the Straw Hat Pirates arrived eight years later.

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