Kakunoshin of One Piece

Kakunoshin is a samurai from Wano Country who was hired for the rebellion against Kaidou.


Kakunoshin is a tall man with short brown hair, thick eyebrows, and thick sideburns. He wears a dark blue kimono with some kind of diamond pattern.


When Kakunoshin was passing through the flower capital, the message for rebellion was secretly put in his pockets. However, he was found to be an ally of the rebellion and was sent to prison in Rasetsu District with other samurai.

On the day of the Fire Festival, Kakunoshin and the rest of the prisoners in the Rasetsu District were freed by Denjiro and joined the battle. Arriving on Onigashima, Kakunoshin and the rest were disguised as members of the Beasts Pirates by Kinemon’s devil powers, infiltrating the enemy territory. They reached the concert hall and mingled with the enemy pirates, but had to watch as Orochi attached Momonosuke to a cross. As the battle began, he shouted victoriously that now was the time to take back Wano Country. They tried to clear a path for the Straw Hats, but he and other samurai were already facing Goki, a member of the Numbers within the Beasts Pirates, an opponent they were no match for, so Zoro and other Straw Hats took over.

In the course of the battle, however, the news was announced that Monkey D. Luffy had been killed, so uncertainty spread through him.


  • His name was first revealed in Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia.

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