Kakukaku of One Piece

Kakukaku is a resident of Water 7 who spoke to others about the assassination attempt on Iceburg.


Kakukaku appearance corresponds very much to his name, everything on his body is angular. So he has a very angular head, angular hair and even his arms are angular. Around his neck he wears a necklace and furthermore a red vest with golden ends, under which he wears a light shirt. Furthermore he wears green trousers with a spiral pattern.


Kakukaku is very educated and he loves to have long and blunt discussions with other people. He is also easily frightened and, when he gets scared, he starts to jitter.


The morning after the assassination attempt on Mayor Iceburg, Kakukaku stood in the street with other angry residents discussing who the perpetrator might be. It was suspected that it could have been Franky and his Franky Family or one of the pirates who enter the island every day.


  • His name and personality were not revealed until the SBS to Volume 43.
  • When introducing his personality, Oda packed some rhymes into the original. He is educated (jap. hakugaku) and loves to have long and blunt discussions (jap. kenken gakugaku).

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