Kaku (Wano) of One Piece

Kaku is a Yakuza from Wano Country.


Kaku is a very tall and thin man with a long neck. He has light hair, which he has secured by a topknot and points in all directions. He wears a dark cap that reaches over his eyes with two glasses in front of them. He wears a kimono that is dark from the chest down, but light above. A symbol can be seen on his right shoulder. The kimono is fastened by a light sash and on his feet he wears sandals.


Kaku is a very unscrupulous and cowardly person. For example, he wanted to close Sanji’s soba stand because it was simply too popular and brought in too much money that didn’t go to them. In addition, he indirectly threatened Sanji that he should pay protection money, otherwise the stall could not be protected by them if something happened. However, when this was refused and a fight ensued, he fled.

Skills and strength

As a member of the Kyoshiro family, Kaku is feared by the populace and can get away with a lot. He carries a sword across his back, but it never came into use. When Sanji and Franky defeated his two comrades, he fled and told his boss Kyoshiro that the Soba Stand owner was extremely strong. Therefore, it can be assumed that he has no more to offer in terms of fighting than his two comrades.


When Sanji opened a soba stall in the flower capital and a sizable line formed, Kaku appeared on the scene along with Kuni and Suke. They pushed their way in, but they didn’t want his food at all, instead demanding a booth fee since this was the Kyoshiro family’s territory. Suke punctuated this demand by saying that it was a protection fee, since no one else would protect the stall should anything happen. Sanji, however, refused and attacked Kuni, at which point Franky also charged and grabbed Suke. Kaku, on the other hand, managed to escape and ran to his boss Kyoshiro to tell him about the strong stand owner. He ordered him to contact Queen, so he sent his assassins out.

Kaku and his two comrades were also present at the execution of Shimotsuki Yasuie and marveled afterwards that Zoro was able to take on their boss Kyoshiro.

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