Kairen of One Piece

Kairen is a mermaid who lives on Fish-Man Island.


Kairen is a mermaid with long curly blonde hair. She is wearing lipstick and a purple striped bikini. She also wears a blue pearl bracelet on her left arm.


Kairen is kind and caring. So she and the other mermaids hid the straw hats when the three Neptune brothers appeared in the bay.


With the other mermaids, she gave a friendly greeting to Luffy, Sanji, Usopp, and Chopper when they came accompanied by Camie. However, when the Neptune Army showed up, the mermaids quickly tried to hide their new friends.

After the Straw Hat Pirates defeated Hody Jones, there was a big banquet. The mermaids danced for the Straw Hat Pirates. Later, the mermaids said goodbye to the pirates.


  • Kairen is one of the superstars among the dancers at the Mermaid Café, along with Ishilly, Hiramera, Seira and Mello.
  • Their name may derive from Karei (カレイ), the Japanese word for clods.

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