Kagero of One Piece

Kagero is a priest from Wano Country who supports Kozuki Momonosuke in his fight against Kurozumi Orochi and Kaidou.


Kagero is a slender, muscular man of advanced age with an elongated face and a thick mustache. His head is bald. He wears a brown kimono with an armor plate on his chest, held in place by a strap over his right shoulder.


Kagero is very loyal to the Kozuki clan. So he believed Kozuki Toki’s words, received the returnees 20 years later and immediately offered them his help again. In doing so, he does not even shy away from the fact that the opponent is the emperor Kaidou.


Already 20 years ago, Kagero was loyal to the Kozuki clan and witnessed Kozuki Toki’s prophecy. The absence of the samurai’s corpses was proof enough for him and his comrades to believe in a return in 20 years. Within those 20 years, he became a priest.


After 20 long years, he was among the first to recognize young Lord Momonosuke. They told Kinemon and the others that they had been waiting for their return. They showed their loyalty and assured them that they would fight by their side if they were to face Orochi again. Further, they told them that there are other allies and they all have the moon tattoo on their ankle.This fact only occurs in the anime.

Later, he walked through the flower capital and heard Sarahebi teaching the children. She told that Kozuki Oden and his minions were criminals, but were defeated by the hero Orochi. Kagero suppressed his emotions and continued walking.

Two days before the planned attack on Onigashima, he stood with Jibuemon and Kurosawa while they talked about how to gather without drawing too much attention.

On the day of the fire festival, Kagero also went to Onigashima. Once there, Kagero and the rest were disguised as members of the Beasts Pirates by Kinemon’s devil powers, infiltrating the enemy territory. Kagero joined the eastern force led by Kinemon and they were able to continue on their way despite the appearance of Big Mom, as Chopper and Usopp distracted them. Later, they mingled with the enemy pirates in the concert hall. Then, when the battle began, Kagero took off his disguise and got ready to fight.


  • His name was first revealed in Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia.

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