Kabu of One Piece

Kabu is a dwarf of the Kingdom of Tontatta, the dominion of the dwarves on Green Bit Island in the New World. After the events on Dress Rosa, he joined the newly formed Tontatta Pirates.


Like all dwarves, Kabu is about the size of a human hand. He also has the bushy tail typical of his species, as well as a long, pointed nose. On his head he wears a hood with a kind of stag beetle antlers on his forehead. In addition, he has very distinctive, hanging cheeks.


Skills and strength

Beetle Dwarf Shape

As a dwarf, Kabu already possesses tremendous physical strength as well as speed. He also possesses the power of the Beetle Fruit, model Rhino Beetle, which allows him to fly and grow two more arms. Furthermore, Kabu is the leader of the “yellow Kabu unit” of the Tontatta Kingdom, which also speaks for some strength. In battle, he uses two lances.


On Green Bit

Robin caught Kabu

When the Caesar delivery team, consisting of Nico Robin, Usopp, Law, and Caesar Clown, reached Green Bit, the group split up to search the area before the exchange of the scientist to Donquixote Doflamingo was to take place, as the Navy was also present on the island. The two straw-hatted pirates also very quickly found a squad of the navy, who had been stripped of their clothes by Leo and Kabu for not wanting to give the dwarves weapons. When Robin used her devil powers to turn in the thieves, she recognized Kabu as a dwarf.

The dwarf’s capture did not last long, as he caused both Robin and Usopp to fall asleep from a gas and took the humans to the kingdom of Tontatta on Green Bit. There he and his friends searched the archaeologist’s luggage, though the dwarves found no weapons they had hoped for. After Robin woke up, Kabu warned the others of her abilities, and when Robin affirmed that she was not evil, Kabu was also relieved that she was not. A brief conversation with the king of the dwarven kingdom, Gancho, confirmed the dwarves’ good faith, and they promised to let her go if she would hand over her weapons in return. However, because she had none, the dwarves wanted to rob her of her clothes in return, as they had done to the marines before. Before it could get that far, however, she was indirectly saved by Usopp: The gunman had told the dwarves a lie that he was a hero and Robin was his girlfriend, which the gullible dwarves believed. Later, Kabu was seen together with Bian in their hybrid form as they prepared to attack the Corrida Colosseum. They were going to leave afterwards with their forces as well as Usopp and Robin to rescue their comrades.

Operation SOP

Lao G confronts the intruders

Usopp, Robin, the toy soldier as well as the dwarves then made their way to the underground port to start Operation SOP. In doing so, they split into two groups. Kabu, Rampo, Baxcon, Daikon, and Nubon accompanied the toy soldier to the elevator that led to the palace. Their goal was to get the Toy Soldier to Doflamingo so that once the other group succeeded in taking out Sugar and all the toys regained their true form, he could finish Doflamingo off. However, in the elevator, they were surprised by Lao G, who took the wrong elevator since he was supposed to be going to the Toy House.

Once at the palace, Lao G pummeled the toy soldier until Baxcon, Daikon and Nubon were able to overpower their opponent. Kabu and Rampo urged their commander to keep running, having already decided to sacrifice themselves for him if necessary. But no sooner had they passed one floor than they met the next officer: Gladius. Kabu and Rampo tried to take care of him, but Gladius was able to grab the dwarves and expose them to an explosion with his devilish powers, whereupon the dwarves lost consciousness. Later, the two were found by Kinemon and Wicca.

The birdcage

Leo and Kabu are unstoppable

After the toys became human again and Doflamingo then activated his birdcage, the dwarves gathered back at the Underground Harbor and took Usopp, Robin, and their new allies to the Coliseum. After Rebecca, Robin, and Bartolomeo decided to bring Luffy the keys to Law’s handcuffs, Kabu and Leo decided to accompany them to search for Mansherry in the palace. When they made it to the fourth level, the dwarves separated from Rebecca to search for the princess. In the process, they defeated anyone who stood in their way. Along the way, they were informed by Viola of Mansherry’s current whereabouts. Giolla had the dwarf in her power and was attempting to heal the already defeated officers with Mansherry’s devil powers. Though Kabu was briefly separated from Leo, both still managed to incapacitate Giolla in time. Leo, Kabu and Mansherry then met up with Robin, Rebecca and Kyros on Sunflower Hill. Later they left the hill again.

The end of the horror

Kabu’s and Mansherry’s deployment

Afterwards, Kabu helped Mansherry spread her healing flowers all over the island. After the effect of her devil powers reached its limit and Mansherry burst into tears because of it, Kabu spoke courage to her. He assured her that she had saved numerous lives. After Doflamingo’s final defeat, the reign of terror on Dress Rosa was over. The dwarves then all gathered before Kyros and saluted him. He praised them for the work they had done, and at the same time disbanded the Anti-Doflamingo organization because they had accomplished their mission.

Three days later, the navy suddenly set sail on Dress Rosa. The Straw Hat Pirates took flight and ran toward the eastern harbor. The dwarves secretly hindered the marines in their mission, thereby allowing the pirates a safe escape from the island. Leo and Kabu then also boarded the flagship of Orlumbus’ fleet to join the other allies in forming the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. They subsequently returned to Dress Rosa.

Foundation of the Tontatta Pirates

After the Straw Hats left Dress Rosa, the Tontatta Pirates formed and Kabu became a member. They helped to rebuild Dress Rosa, and the people of Dress Rosa gave them a ship, the Lysoland, as a token of their gratitude. Eventually, the captain was invited to a meeting with King Riku Doldo III, which Kabu also attended, and it turned out that the Tontatta pirate gang – or at least some of them – were wanted as escorts for the kingdom’s emissaries. Leo accepted the offer, and so Kabu also made his way to Mary Geoise for the Levely. Once there, Rebecca quickly befriended the princesses Shirahoshi and Vivi, but riots broke out, with Kabu also present.


  • Its name is probably derived from kabutomushi (カブトムシ), the Japanese name for the Japanese rhinoceros beetle (note: needs link).

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