Jotto of One Piece

Jotto is an actor in Randolph’s theater company and appears exclusively in the third special.

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 3 – Protect Her! The Last Great Show.


Jotto as pirate Baron

Jotto is a tall and muscular man with a dark skin tone. He has black hair that he wears into a sort of mohawk, along with a noticeable black beard. He wears gold earrings and can be seen wearing a dark purple muscle shirt in his free time as well as during rehearsals. He also wears blue jeans and brown boots. He also has a bat tattoo on his upper left arm.

In the play he took over the role of the pirate Baron and wore there additionally a Viking helmet, a green cape and an ornamented round shield as well as a sword.


Jotto is a kind and caring person who can also react very emotionally. The fact that Randolph was doing his last play was very close to him and he did everything he could to make it succeed. The fact that the play was thrown into chaos by the Straw Hat Pirates in the first act was something he found very amusing, as did the audience. His attitude towards pretty women is similar to Sanji’s, so he blindly agreed with Nami with heart eyes.


When the Straw Hat Pirates visited the theater ship, they heard fighting sounds from the stage and saw Jotto fighting with Randolph, however Nami quickly clarified that they were rehearsing. They paused rehearsals when Suita appeared, however Lola and two other actors appeared shortly after, announcing their departure from the theater group effectively immediately. Luckily for them, Nami appeared and, wearing a princess costume, charmed Jotto as well as his colleagues and offered to take over the role in exchange for payment. The rest of the Straw Hats, with the exception of Zoro, also took on roles in Randolph’s final play.

In the play itself, Jotto took on the role of the evil pirate captain Baron, who wanted to attack the villagers and kill everyone, even the princess. However, the first act did not go according to plan due to the straw hat pirates and the textbook was quickly forgotten. However, while Suita saw this as a disaster, Jotto was able to laugh about it later and the audience was also delighted. During the intermission before the final act, Jotto then told the Straw Hats about Randolph’s past and his motivation, but the manager then broke the news that the helpful temp actors are wanted pirates and their captain has a handsome bounty. Clearly astonished at the amount of 100,000,000, Jotto watched the ensuing fight between Luffy and Randolph. As Randolph lay beaten on the ground a short time later, Jotto helped him up and prepared for the final act. But suddenly the navy appeared and had Randolph arrested, accusing him of smuggling weapons.

After Luffy freed him, Jotto ran back to the theater ship with his colleagues and the audience to finish the play. He once again took on the role of the pirate Baron and was defeated by Randolph, in the role of the heroic navy captain. Thus the play was brought to a close and the audience were beside themselves with joy and overwhelmed by this conclusion.


  • His name wasn’t mentioned until the episode credits.

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