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Waterfall Beard Jorul (jap. 滝ひげのヨルル, Takihige no Yoruru) was a giant from the island of Elbaf. Together with Jarul, he once led the Giant Warrior Pirates. Together with Jarul, he was known as the Hero of Giants and the oldest warrior in the world.


Jorul was very tall as a giant, towering over an ordinary human by more than ten times. He had white hair and probably his most noticeable feature was his enormous beard, which reached down to the ground like a waterfall. His clothing, like most giants from Elbaf, was based on Vikings. Thus he wore a horned helmet, a splendid fur cloak with shoulder plates, and spiked wrist guards. Furthermore, he wore a brown and green checkered shirt and around his belly was tied a wide fur belt with his Jolly Roger. His appearance was completed by brown boots and dark green trousers.


Jorul liked the peaceful times, but he was proud of young Hajrudin and encouraged him to keep training to become a strong warrior of Elbaf. The traditions of Elbaf are very important to him, so he also participated in the feast before Lent, but he was also willing to kill Charlotte Linlin, even if she was still a child.

Skills and strength

A giant of immense physical strength, Jorul was also the leader of the feared Giant Warrior pirate band in its heyday. As a result, he achieved heroic status on Elbaf. However, his strength waned with age and the still young Linlin was able to inflict an injury on him with just one attack, from which he was unable to recover and died.


Once upon a time, Jorul was the captain of the Giant Warrior pirate band alongside Jarul, and for over 300 years they fought side by side. With age, however, they stepped down, leaving younger warriors in command.

Sixty-three years ago, on the day before Lent began on the winter solstice, Jorul and Jarul visited the village and ate semla with the rest of the residents and the orphans of Carmel. On the seventh day of Lent, however, Charlotte Linlin went into a food frenzy and attacked everything in search of Semla. Jorul confronted Linlin, but he no longer saw her as a child, but a demon, as she ravaged the entire village in her madness. He was ready to kill her and attacked with his sword, which however broke, whereupon Linlin grabbed him by the beard and flung him to the ground. Given his advanced age, he was beyond saving and subsequently died.

He was later buried on a hill near the village. His helmet and the repaired sword were used as a tombstone.


  • Like many One Piece characters, Jorul has a distinctive laugh: zabababa.
  • His favorite is sea king meat with rum.

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