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John (†) was once a legendary pirate captain who gained fame for amassing a gigantic treasure. His dead body later fell into the hands of Gecko Moria, who with Hogback’s help turned John into one of the Zombie Generals. He is also known as the legendary Captain John. Before forming his own pirate gang, he was a member of the legendary Rocks Pirates.


As a zombie, John had a sunken face with empty eye sockets, a prominent chin, and long white hair. He wore, much like pirate king Gol D. Roger, a red captain’s coat. His torso was wrapped by perforated bandages. Two swords were stuck in his torso. John also wore blue and white pants striped lengthwise. In addition, John was an alcoholic, for he always had a bottle with him.

Captain John has not yet made a living appearance.


Captain John had a very bad reputation everywhere. He was also very unfair to his crew members and would not give them any of his treasure, which later became his undoing.

As a zombie, he became a very lazy individual who no longer lived up to his old reputation.

Also, John was a drinker who always carried a bottle of alcohol with him.

Skills and strength

Like most other pirates, John was a swordsman. Nothing is known about his exact strength, but the zombie generals were considered legendary warriors during their lifetimes.

As a zombie, John has the power to feel no pain and regenerate from physical attacks. As with all zombies, salt and fire was his weak point. About the strength and abilities of the owner of his shadow is also not known.


Rock’s band of pirates

He was once a member of the legendary Rocks Pirates that roamed the seas 40 years ago. That legendary gang, led by Rocks D. Xebec, whose members included Kaidou, Big Mom, Whitebeard and Shiki. Then, two years later, a battle ensued on the island of God Valley between the Rocks pirates and Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, who was aided by the future Pirate King Gol D. Roger. In the battle, which would later become known as the God Valley incident, the Rocks pirates were defeated.

The legendary Captain John

John became a legendary pirate in the past by amassing a gigantic treasure. Before his death, he hid all his treasure on an unknown island on the Grand Line. Captain John had developed a plan to take his magnificent treasure all for himself. However, his crew got wind of his intentions. As a result, he was murdered by the members of his crew. This was also the beginning of the legend of his treasure. To this day, the swords in the belly of his corpse infer the mutiny.

Later, his body was given to the Samurai of the Seas Gecko Moria, who, along with Dr. Hogback, turned him into a zombie. He became one of the zombie generals under the leadership of Absalom.


Zombie Night

John and other zombie generals face the straw hats

After the Straw Hat Pirates arrived on Thriller Bark, Absalom awakened the Zombie Generals to fight the Straw Hats. John was approached by Absalom because he just couldn’t figure out the zombie.

Along with the other zombie generals, John later confronted Luffy, Robin and Franky, in the arena of Hogback’s castle. The Straw Hats failed to defeat the zombies as the undead kept recovering. After Brook defeated Tararan on the bridge to the castle, the zombie generals fell down the collapsing bridge along with Brook, Franky, and Robin, causing the zombie generals to lose sight of the pirates. John noted where their opponents were now, but the zombie general Jigoro only urged a quick capture of the enemy.

John during Oars’s adventure

Oz Defeats the Zombie Generals

He was later invited to Absalom’s wedding to Nami at Thriller Chapel, along with the other zombie generals. However, as the wedding was disrupted by Oars’s concussions, Absalom sent the generals to stop the special zombie. The zombie generals tried to force Oars to stop, however Oars defeated the strong zombies with his Gomu Gomu no Gatling.

John, like all the other zombies, was later saved from his fate by Gecko Moria’s Shadow’s Asgard. Luffy unknowingly found Captain John’s glass bracelet on the Thriller Bark, which is supposed to lead to his treasure, and took it.

Captain John’s Legacy

Luffy finds John’s bracelet

The treasure of Captain John seems not to have been found yet. After arriving on the Grand Line, Buggy the Clown and his band of pirates set off in search of the legendary treasure.

While searching for John’s treasure, Buggy was captured by the Navy on an island and transferred to Impel Down prison.

At Impel Down, Buggy recognized Captain John’s bracelet on Luffy’s arm and persuaded the Straw Hat to give him the glass bracelet in return for his help. After the Battle of Marine Ford, Buggy reunited with his gang, and showed Alvida the bracelet, which serves as a guide to the treasure.


Captain John is probably modelled on Captain John Flint, possibly also on his first mate Long John Silver, from the famous adventure novel Treasure Island. This is supported – apart from the name – by the following indications:

  • In the novel, the treasure is hidden “in the eye of the skull “”in Skeleton Bay””. In Chapter 233 (Episode 145), Buggy and his gang are (mistakenly) looking for Captain John’s treasure on an unknown island. On this island is a massive rock in the shape of a skull.
  • Just like in the manga, Captain John didn’t want to share his treasure. He then killed the six men who helped him bury the treasure.
  • The historical Captain Flint was known as a notorious drunk. He died craving “more rum” at an inn.

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