Jodie and Eliza of One Piece

Jodie and Eliza are two young women and guests at the Baratié, served by the still-young Sanji.


Jodie and Eliza are two young pretty ladies with light hair. It is not clear who is who.

One of the women has long hair and wears sunglasses in her hair, while the other has shorter hair, about shoulder length, and wears a ribbon in her hair. When she first appeared at the baratié, the long-haired woman was wearing a short black dress and had a light-colored coat draped over her shoulders. Her friend was wearing a light-colored dress with a dark tie and a skirt.

During the phone call, only the long-haired woman could be seen wearing a light-colored, long dress. During her subsequent visit to the baratié to taste Sanji’s EntréeThe long-haired woman is wearing a long, black dress, whereas the rest of her clothing, including that of her friend, corresponds to the first appearance.


Jodie and Eliza seem to be two very friendly people who were very flattered by young Sanji’s advances and gave him full confidence to prepare a dish for them.


Jodie and Eliza were guests at the Baratié and were immediately charmed by the still very young Sanji. Days later, the woman with the longer hair called the Baratié via Den-den Mushi and wanted to reserve a table. However, she asked that Sanji prepare a dish for them. Talking to him, she suggested a red meat dish, to which Sanji touted his “scarlet ram” recipe to her. This sounded good to her and she announced herself for next week.

Finally, the day arrived and the two young women were once again guests at the Baratié. Although Sanji had some problems due to his jealous colleagues, he prepared a dish for them and it was brought to the table. After just one bite, they both fell into a frenzy, breaking into a sweat and even their clothes ripped. They detected an adult note in the food and experienced a glimpse of Sanji’s future self.


  • In a flashback in chapter 839, the still young Sanji is distracted by the sight of a pretty woman. This one looks enormously similar to the long-haired woman and wears the same clothes.
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