Jizo of One Piece

Jizo is a samurai and, as a member of the former Mimawarigumi, a pirate in the ranks of the Beasts Pirates.


Jizo is a very tall and broadly built man with a striking gray skin tone that somewhat resembles stone, making Jizo resemble a stone statue. He wears a brown kimono that ends in a green hakama. With it, he wears a lighter green sash, sandals, and a large straw hat. A light-colored cloak is thrown over his shoulders, with a dark pattern at the bottom. Across his torso also runs a purple cord that crosses at his chest.

Skills and strength

As a member of the former Mimawarigumi, an elite samurai unit of Wano Country, Jizo must have some strength. However, against Hyogoro, who briefly regained his old strength through the ice demon virus, he was without a chance even with his comrades and had to admit defeat after only one attack.


After the riots caused by the intervention of some straw-hat pirates following the execution of Shimotsuki Yasuie, the Mimawarigumi, led by their leader Hotei, patrolled the flower capital. The goal was to ensure the safety of their shogun and apprehend the intruders.

On the day of the fire festival, Jizo accompanied his shogun to Onigashima. When Orochi asked for alcohol before crossing, Jizo told him to wait until they met Kaidou, but Orochi replied that he was probably already drinking himself. When Kaidou apparently decapitated Orochi on Onigashima and then demanded that Orochi’s men join him, Hotei and Fukurokuju agreed without hesitation, to the sigh of relief of their respective troops. Shortly after, the battle began and the men in the concert hall readied themselves for battle. However, Queen fired his Excite bullets into the crowd during the battle, not distinguishing friend from foe, leaving Jizo to defend against the ice demons alongside his comrades and some Orochi secret agents. He was thus drawn into the “game of catch” with Apoo as well. However, they couldn’t get their hands on the antidote, which Zoro got hold of and passed on to Chopper for mass production. A reinvigorated Hyogoro subsequently defeated several Orochi secret agents and Mimawarigumi, including Jizo, with just one attack.


  • His name was first mentioned in the credits for episode 995.

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