Jinbe of One Piece

Jinbe (usually called Jimbei in the anime) is the helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates and was previously the captain of the Sun Pirates as well as one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas. The first time he was mentioned was by Yosaku. He was later imprisoned in the Impel Down after refusing to fight Whitebeard and his alliance. He joined Luffy’s breakout alliance and regained his freedom.

Due to the events in Impel Down and Marine Ford, he was stripped of the title of Samurai of the Seas. Luffy and Jinbe became good friends, however, so the Straw Hat captain on Fish Man Island eventually offered him the chance to join his pirate gang. Jinbe, however, put this off due to outstanding commitments with Big Mom. On Whole Cake Island, Jinbe finally severed his alliance with Big Mom and officially joined the Straw Hat Pirates.


Jinbe as a member of the Neptune Army

Jinbe is a rather large fish person. His skin is blue and his hair is black and curly. He wears these together in a braid. His blond eyebrows and sideburns are also distinctively curly. Above his left eye, a lightning-shaped scar adorns his face. His large nose and teeth protruding from his mouth are noticeable. He has a small black beard and next to it are his gills. On his chest is tattooed the mark of the Sun Pirates. His clothing is kept very summery and mostly consists of a Kimono a traditional Japanese garment. When he first appeared, his top was orange with black and white checks. Around his stomach he wears a purple cloth belt called an Obi (sash). Over his short-sleeved top, he wears a red cape. Geta (footwear) serve as footwear.


That’s right. Even if they kill me, I won’t die!!!
What’s the title of a samurai of the seas?!
I don’t need that!!
If I can stop this fight.
I don’t even need my life!!!
– Jinbe in the Impel Down

Jinbe is nicknamed the “Knight of the Sea” (jap. 海侠, Kaikyou). Indeed, his actions are truly chivalrous, sacrificing his own life for the great goal of ending the war with Whitebeard. He does this mostly out of gratitude, for if Whitebeard did not hold his hand protectively over Fish-Man Island, it would still be a place plagued by kidnapping. He doesn’t care about the opinions of others because of this, as most of the prisoners of Impel Down are against Whitebeard and proclaim this loudly. But he stands by his convictions and defends Whitebeard. His selfless actions are evident in his past, among other things, when he joined the Samurai of the Seas to allow his comrades – former slaves – to return to Fishmen Island unmolested. It was also his way of bringing the Fishmen closer to the people. Even years later, Jinbe’s attitude towards this has not changed. He stakes his life for the good of his people, because after the death of Whitebeard he forms an alliance with Big Mom, who from then on protects Fishmen Island with her name. Of the members of the Sun Pirates, Jinbe therefore enjoys their utmost loyalty when he wishes to break his alliance with Big Mom to join the Straw Hat Pirates. They encourage Jinbe to finally do something for himself, as he has dedicated his entire life to sacrificing himself for others. That’s why they take it upon themselves to rebel against the extremely dangerous Big Mom once Jinbe leaves their alliance.

In his past, Jinbe was a man-hater who acted violently against humans, much to the liking of his former comrade-in-arms and friend Arlong. Because of this, he was also called to order by his captain Fisher Tiger, who did not want the fish people to act violently against the humans, not wanting to give them a reason to take revenge or anger Over time, the longer the Sun Pirates was at sea, Jinbe also became calmer as he became a confidant of his captain, who also shared his most secret fears with Jinbe, showing that he trusted the whale shark fish man. After the attack on Fisher Tiger and after he refused the blood transfusion of humans, Jinbe’s present character is revealed, as in order to preserve his captain’s honor, he would rather spread a lie than speak the truth, which he also ironically concealed until he finally told Luffy. Shaped by all the events of his past, Jinbe is not a racist like Arlong. He knows that there are good and bad people as well as fish people. He differs from the radical fish people in that he saw Whitebeard as a noble man who protected the fish people island. He also treats other people as equals.

The Whale Shark Fishman also has great respect for Luffy. During the Battle of Marine Ford, he protected the Straw Hat at the risk of his life, even though Jinbe still told Ace in Impel Down that he wouldn’t protect strangers he didn’t respect. Luffy’s efforts on his brother’s behalf, however, left a great impression on Jinbe. His trust in Luffy is so great that he donated his blood to him on Fishmen Island after the battles against the New Fishmen pirate gang. Likewise, he could see himself sailing under Luffy’s flag, which also shows that he relies on harmonious coexistence with humans. He firmly believes that Luffy will one day become Pirate King, and thus plans to join the Straw Hat Pirates. Not even in face with Big Mom does Jinbe’s resolve crumble. When he offers to take as much of his lifetime as she wants in exchange for leaving their alliance, it turns out that she can’t steal his lifetime. Though Big Mom seems fearsome even to her own children, Jinbe demonstrates that he feels no fear of the Empress.

Skills and strength

Jinbe is a master of fish-man karate.

Jinbe was one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas and is one of the strongest fighters in the Straw Hat Pirates. He already made a name for himself in the past, receiving bounties of 76 million and 250 million. After he shed his title as Samurai of the Seas, the Navy reactivated his roster and adjusted the amount to 438 million. .

Jinbe is a true master of fish-man karate. He was able to take down Minozebra, a powerful guardian beast with awakened devil powers, with one punch, and also defeated the giant fish-man Wadatsumi with a single attack. Further proof of his high physical strength is the fact that he was able to stop and hold down the enraged Luffy in Gear 2. and fought him on Fish Man Island, with both opponents not fighting at full strength, but separating in a draw to face the common enemy. Jinbe was even able to pull a door of Impel Down that weighed tons through the water with ease. He showed his strength again in Marine Ford when he took on Gecko Moria and was able to hit him hard after only a few seconds.

Jinbe fighting Sakazuki.

He is proficient in fish-man jujitsu, which allows him to grab water and deliver powerful attacks. For example, he can hurl water with such great speed that it pierces a ship.

Jinbe has also fought Ace before, and each of them say that their counterpart almost killed him. This resulted in a draw, despite Ace being a Logia Fruit user. This is a testament to Jinbe’s strength, as he was able to hurt Ace. This is due in part to his armor haki. The fish-man was also able to hold his own for a while against Akainu, who has the powers of the Magma Fruit, which also speaks to the fact that Jinbe is a very strong fish-man.

Furthermore, Jinbe can communicate with fish. This ability is really only reserved for mermaids and mermen, which makes Jinbe an exception among fish people. Thus, he summoned a herd of whale sharks to get Luffy and the others out of Impel Down. These animals must also have great respect for him, since they swim into such a dangerous zone as the Calm Belt for him. Because of this, he apologizes to them as well.

Jinbe also still possesses some navigational skills. He is very familiar with the sea, and after breaking out of Impel Down, he steered the stolen navy ship towards Marine Ford. On Whole Cake Island, he finally proved what an excellent helmsman Jinbe is. Big Mom created a gigantic wave with her devil powers to sink the Thousand Sunny, but Jinbe safely maneuvered the ship through the space in the middle of the wave. Nami was thrilled by this maneuver. To her, it seemed as if the Sunny was a part of Jinbe’s body.


The Sun Pirates

Jinbe’s first profile.

Jinbe grew up as an orphan in the Fishmen Quarter on Fishmen Island. There he lived with Arlong and Fisher Tiger, among others. At the age of 31, Jinbe was a member of the Neptune Army, while Arlong was a captain leading his Arlong Pirates. At this time, Jinbe often listened to Otohime’s speeches on the island, which sought coexistence with the people on the surface. However, Jinbe did not see any point in it. Nevertheless, he was performing his duty as a soldier of the Neptune Army when one day Arlong harassed some residents who had signed Otohime’s petitions.

In the process, the saw shark also took the signatures himself, so Jinbe demanded that he hand them back, even though he didn’t really care about them himself. This little dispute was quickly ended when it was announced that Fisher Tiger had returned to the island from a trip. After it became known that Fisher Tiger had attacked the Holy Land of Mary Geoise, the latter formed the Sun Pirates. Many former Fishmen slaves, whom Tiger had rescued from Mary Geoise, joined the gang. The previously independent Arlong Pirates also merged with the newly formed Sun Pirates. Jinbe, on the other hand, left the Neptune Army to join his “big brother”.

One day, the Sun Pirates was fighting on the high seas against the Navy led by Rear Admiral Kadar. The navy reclaimed the freed fish-man slaves from Mary Geoise, which enraged Jinbe. The navy called freeing the slaves a crime, prompting Jinbe to be especially brutal against the humans. Before Arlong could kill a marine, Fisher Tiger restrained him. As of now, Fisher Tiger told his crew not to kill anyone or they would be just like humans. To Tiger, his band of pirates was a sign of freedom and not murderers taking revenge on humans. Arlong disagreed with this and protested, but Jinbe hit him on the head to silence him. In the time that followed, an initial bounty of 76,000,000 was placed on Jinbe’s head for his actions as a pirate.

Fisher Tiger’s death

Fisher Tiger is dying.

Twelve years ago, the Sun Pirates docked on an island where a former slave girl lived. The inhabitants asked the Sun Pirates to take the little girl named Koala back to her home in Foolshout. Tiger agreed to take the girl aboard and bring her home. Through Koala, Jinbe began to understand that humans knew nothing about fish people, which is why they were afraid of them. However, on their journey to Foolshout, Koala became more and more friends with the fish people, much to Arlong’s displeasure.

When the pirates finally reached Koala’s home, Fisher Tiger was ambushed by the Navy. After returning Koala to her village, Tiger was surrounded by the navy and severely wounded. The Sun Pirates was able to escape in a captured Navy ship, but Tiger was dying. Although this could be saved with a blood transfusion, he refused the human blood as he secretly despised humans. Tiger eventually died, and through Arlong, the rumor was spread throughout the world that the humans had refused to give Fisher Tiger blood, thereby saving his life.

Jinbe fights Arlong.

After Fisher Tiger passed away, Jinbe took over the leadership of the Sun Pirates and carried on Tiger’s will to not kill anyone. As such, he earned a bounty of 250,000,000. Due to his notoriety, Jinbe soon took the position offered to him by one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas, earning his gang members a pardon. This allowed the former slaves to return to Fish Man Island. Furthermore, according to Jinbe, this was a step closer towards the humans, which would have been in both Otohime’s and Tiger’s best interests. Thanks to his position, Jinbe was now able to free Arlong, who was imprisoned in Impel Down. However, to the Saw Shark, Jinbe’s decision constituted an insult, whereupon a brief fight ensued between the fish-men. Arlong then broke away from the Sun Pirates and sat down with his old gang in East Blue. It was thus Jinbe’s indirect fault that Arlong was rampaging on Kokos. When the Whale Shark Fishman told King Neptune of his new position, Hody Jones, then still a member of Neptune’s army, was also present and visibly shocked at his former idol’s decision.

The world aristocrat in havoc

Some time later, the Sun Pirates docked again on Fish Man Island. At that time, a wrecked World Government ship landed on the island, carrying a World Aristocrat. The former Fishmen slaves recognized one of their tormentors in Saint Mjosgard and wanted to kill him, but Otohime stopped them. They were not to transfer their hatred to their children, which Jinbe saw a parallel in Fisher Tiger’s last words. Afterwards, he and the rest of the residents witnessed Shirahoshi’s previously hidden power to summon sea kings. Otohime subsequently managed to save Saint Mjosgard and accompanied him to the surface, where she received a paper from the World Nobles affirming a coexistence between humans and fish people. However, after Otohime returned to Fishmen Island, she became the victim of an assassination attempt. Hody Jones quickly tracked down the assassin, but Jinbe told him to keep quiet about it when he saw who had shot Otohime. However, Hody announced that a human, of all people, had killed their queen. Together with Aladine, Jinbe then attended Otohime’s funeral and listened to Fukaboshi’s speech.

Meeting with Ace

Jinbe confronts Ace

At an unknown time, Jinbe met Ace who wanted to fight with Whitebeard. Although Jinbe was not a member of Whitebeard’s pirate gang, Jinbe was very grateful to Whitebeard for putting Fish-Man Island under his protection and therefore would not let Ace through to Whitebeard. So the two engaged in a five-day battle that ended in a draw and brought them both to the brink of death.


Impel Down

The Alliance’s joint breakout from the big prison

When he was ordered to another meeting of the 7 Samurai of the Seas to guard Ace’s execution with the other samurais, he refused to cooperate with the Navy. To break his will, he was sent to prison. Sengoku was pretty pissed at him for making a huge fuss at the navy headquarters. As it turned out, the prison Jinbe was shipped off to was none other than Impel Down. It was here that he sat in a cell with Ace, and it was there that he was tortured by the Minotaur with his club. There he remained until Luffy, Emporio Ivankov, and Inazuma came by to rescue Ace. However, they were too late and wanted to go back up. In the process, they took Jinbe and Crocodile with them. They kept fighting their way through large amounts of guards. They also had to fight the strong guardian beasts, but managed to win. Finally Blackbeard appeared and fought with Luffy, but Jinbe interrupted this fight. Luffy was supposed to save his strength. During the great escape from Magellan, Jinbe set out with Crocodile, Daz Bonez, and Buggy to steal a naval ship. To do this, he took a door from the Impel Downs and dragged them through the Calm Belt to a Navy ship. There they defeated the crew of the ship and captured it. However, since they didn’t get back to Luffy in time, who was holding up Magellan in the meantime, he summoned a herd of whale sharks, which Luffy and the others jumped on. This allowed 241 prisoners to escape from Impel Down.


Jinbe fights with Moria.

Jinbe took the helmet on board from now on and the ship headed towards Marine Ford. After some time, they got stuck on a wave frozen by Aokiji, but managed to free themselves. In the process, they all fell into the water. However, Jinbe saved the devil fruit users from drowning. Afterwards, he spoke to Sengoku and officially resigned his title as Samurai of the Seas.

When Gecko Moria was about to stop Luffy with his zombies, Jinbe stood in their way and exorcised them with sea water. Moria now incorporated some shadows to defeat Jinbe and steal his shadow. However, after a blocked attack, he took a hard counter hit from the fish man.

As the fight progressed, he first helped Luffy and caught him after Kizaru attacked. After Whitebeard was already badly battered, he stood around him with the rest of his division commanders to protect him. He finished off several of the Marine’s fighters in the process. After Whitebeard gave the order that Luffy was to be protected at all costs, the commanders went on the attack, while Jinbe continued to stay by Whitebeard’s side.

After Ace was hit by Akainu’s Magma Fist and the admiral went for another punch, Jinbe stood in between and intercepted the punch. Akainu told him not to try to stall. However, Jinbe retorted that he would be satisfied if he could stop him even a little, even if it meant his death. He then got support from Marco and Vista. After Ace’s death, Jinbe also mourned, but there was no time as Akainu continued to attack as he also wanted to kill Luffy. Marco blocked the attack and Jinbe grabbed Luffy to take him off the battlefield. Even after Whitebeard’s death, Jinbe tried to save Luffy and talked him into staying alive. In doing so, he recalled a conversation with Ace that they had in the Impel Down. Ace asked him to take care of Luffy in case he died, but Jinbe refused, saying that he only protects those he cares about.

Jinbe protects Luffy with his body from Akainu’s magma fist.

Jinbe reached the ships, but the sea was frozen by Aokiji. Moreover, at that moment, Akainu appeared in front of him. The admiral wanted to continue killing Luffy, but Jinbe didn’t value his life as long as he could protect Luffy. Afterwards, Ivankov appeared and supported Jinbe with a Hell Wink. However, Akainu defeated him as well, while Jinbe tried to escape across the sea; however, it was frozen over. Still within the jump into the sea, Akainu hit Jinbe with his Magma Fist, which was actually aimed at Luffy. Now Crocodile also intervened and launched Jinbe and Luffy into the air with a sandstorm, where Buggy happened to be, who was about to escape, and caught them both. Jinbe thanked him and lost consciousness due to his injuries. Down in the water, the Heart Pirates suddenly appeared. Trafalgar Law demanded the straw hat and Jinbe from Buggy to treat them since he was a doctor. As ordered, Buggy threw the two to Trafalgar Law, who then prepared to dive. They left the battlefield and headed for the mainland, when Boa Hancock appeared and suggested to Law that they sail to Amazon Lily, as it would be safer there.

After the war

Jinbe confronts the weakened Luffy

It took two full weeks for Luffy to regain consciousness. He escaped into the forest where, grieving over Ace’s death, he flailed wildly. Jinbe confronted him and calmed him down.

After the latter’s mind wandered back in time, Luffy revived and threatened to kill Jinbe if he didn’t leave him alone. Jinbe, however, knew of Luffy’s condition, so he confronted the Straw Hat and was able to calm him down once more. Later, Silvers Rayleigh showed up at the Isle of Women. He chatted with Jinbe, Luffy, Nyon, and the Boa sisters, and made Luffy an offer, as he was planning to go back to the archipelago. Together, they went to Marine Ford once more, where they captured a naval ship, sailed once around the island, and Luffy offered a silent prayer for Ace, then rang the sacred bell in Oris Square 16 times to signal his nakama. After this action, Jinbe, Luffy and Rayleigh headed back to Amazon Lily accompanied by the Kuja. Before Luffy began a two-year training with Rayleigh, Jinbe said goodbye and promised Luffy a reunion on Fish-Man Island.

Two years later

Jinbe vs Luffy.

After two years, the reunited Straw Hat Pirates arrived on Fishmen Island. After some misunderstandings and complications with King Neptune and his army, as well as the New Fishmen Pirates, Luffy, Franky, Nico Robin, Nami, Camie, Sanji, Shirahoshi, Chopper and Hatchan encountered the Whale Shark Fishman in the Sea Forest. As a result of their meeting, Jinbe told those present about his past and the circumstances of why Fish Man Island had become that way. When Nami learned of the circumstances and Jinbe also took full responsibility for Arlong’s actions, the navigator forgave the former samurai of the seas, which moved the latter to tears. Jinbe then also said that he was indebted to the Straw Hat Pirates for stopping Arlong from his insane plans and ultimately bringing him down. Those present now turned their attention to the present, and Hatchan told them that he knew the plan of the New Fishmen Gang. After Hody Jones explained on a large screen his hostages, as well as his plan to execute the king of the island, disagreements arose as to how to proceed against the Great White Shark Fishman. Jinbe pursued a subtle plan, while Luffy wanted to rush headlong through the wall to save his friends. Therefore, a brief fight ensued between Jinbe and Luffy.

100,000 vs 10

Jinbe blocks Wadatsumi’s attack.

The next time Jinbe was seen, he rode with Shirahoshi on Megalo to Gyoncorde Plaza to prevent the execution of King Neptune. Through a trick, they were captured by Hody on the way there. The two were promptly taken to Hody, who presented him with his 70,000 fish-man allies and 30,000 human slaves.
As things progressed, it came to light that Hody had shot Queen Otohime and Shirahoshi knew about it, which visibly shocked Jinbe.

With the horrible facts revealed and the circumstances seeming hopeless, the hopeless inhabitants of Fish-Man Island called for Luffy, who was also promptly spat out by Megalo and rushed at Hody Jones, whom he kicked hard into a wall. According to Jinbe, he had appeared a bit too early, but everything still went according to plan. After their altercation, he and Luffy agreed that he should allow himself to be captured. Luffy would later free him, and then fight Hody Jones as the hero of the island. The plan also included stealing the Tenryuubito’s letter and the key to Neptune’s chains.
After a short talk with Shirahoshi, Jinbe told her that the seed that grew inside her, because she could forgive her mother’s murderer and didn’t hate him, would one day reach the whole island and he had to protect the princess. He immediately had to prove this, as Hody Jones tried to kill the mermaid with “Gekisui”, however the attack was countered by the former samurai with the same technique, whereupon Jinbe called the captain an amateur in fish-man karate. Jones’ henchmen then noted that Jinbe’s bounty had risen to over 400,000,000 after the Battle of Marine Ford.

Wadatsumi gets hit hard

Later, Wadatsumi interfered in the battle, being given energy steroids for support. However, Jinbe was able to easily counter an attack by the giant. The resulting shockwave caused Nami to fall over, which immediately caught Sanji’s attention as well, who immediately joined the fish people’s fight. Sanji and Jinbe then fought Wadatsumi. Meanwhile, Jinbe asked Robin to free the slaves, as he could no longer watch Hody’s men play tenryuubito. Afterwards, he and Sanji defeated the giant together.

After the fight

Jinbe donates blood to Luffy.

After the fighting was over, quite a few members of the New Fishmen pirates begged Jinbe for mercy, but he told them that their fate was in the hands of King Neptune and warned them not to flee. Moreover, Luffy had lost much blood fighting Hody Jones. However, due to the old law, no one dared to donate their blood to the Straw Hat, whereupon Jinbe finally agreed, because not only did he have the same blood type as Luffy, but as a pirate, he didn’t have to worry about the laws of the island. Because of the blood donation, the locals realized that the relationship between humans and fish people was set to zero. After Luffy awoke, he loudly invited Jinbe to become his comrade-in-arms.

The offer was declined by the former samurai, however, as he had unfinished business; afterwards, he was welcome to be invited to join his crew again by Luffy. During a large feast at the Ryuuguu Palace, Jinbe asked the captain of the Straw Hats to come outside to tell him of two striking changes. First, the post of Grand Admiral had been filled by Akainu, resulting from a fight between him and Aokiji. Secondly, Blackbeard had risen to become one of the Four Emperors, who would also be hunting strong devil forces with his gang. Later, the Whale Shark Fishman found himself in conversation with King Neptune, who asked him how the Sun Pirates led by Big Mom would fare, since the Fishman Gang acted as allies of the Empress. However, the Fish Man wanted to carefully end the alliance in favor of Luffy without upsetting her.

However, Jinbe had made the calculation without Luffy, who promptly declared war on Big Mom and also gave her all the treasures he had gotten to protect the island from her wrath, which unknowingly included a bomb – complicating the situation for Jinbe. After the Straw Hat Pirates left the island to head to the New World, Jinbe also said goodbye to the pirates, hoping to see them again soon.

Meeting with Caribou

Jinbe saves the mermaids from Caribou.

After the Straw Hats departed, Jinbe once again had work to do with the troublemaker Caribou, from whom he rescued the mermaids he was trying to kidnap. He then got him off the island with a coated boat, being chased by the rookie’s gang. Because of this, Jinbe used the depths of the sea to end the pursuit, and delivered Caribou to the G-5 naval base.

Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Voyage

Jinbe meets a sea kitten.

Jinbe then went in search of his friends and met numerous sea creatures, to whom he offered his help. Together they set out to find the home of the sea kitten before Jinbe rescued the passengers of a sunken ship. On his journey to Port Town, Jinbe learned from the newspaper that Trafalgar Law and Luffy had formed an alliance against Doflamingo. There, he and the sea kitten found not only their little house, but also an empty sacrificial altar. He dove down to the bottom of the sea and discovered the culprit, who turned out to be Wadatsumi. After the conflict between the sea monsters, the inhabitants and Wadatsumi was settled by Jinbe, the inhabitants of the island gave him a poneglyph hidden under the ruins. Together with Wadatsumi and the Poneglyph, Jinbe set off again.

Whole Cake Island

Jinbe would like to make his request to Big Mom.

Later, Jinbe reunited with his former comrades of the Sun Pirates to explain his plans to cut ties with Big Mom and join the Straw Hat Pirates. He also chatted with Charlotte Praline, a daughter of Big Mom and the wife of Aladine, about the possible consequences of such an action, which she said would only end in the death of the person in question. Jinbe then reached Sweet City, handed Big Mom the Poneglyph, and successfully stopped her seizure before offering her his request. The latter was less than eager about the prospects of losing such a strong retainer, so she demanded a price for his departure from her alliance. Sensing the disastrous consequences for his comrades, Jinbe withdrew his request for the moment. From Pekoms, who was rescued by the Sun Pirates, Jinbe also learned of the situation surrounding Sanji and the Straw Hat Pirates’s plan to rescue him. Two days later, Jinbe freed Nami and Luffy from the prison library and defeated Charlotte Opera before burning down the prison. However, Luffy ran away shortly after, after which Jinbe fled along with Nami. They reunited with Pedro, Carrot, and Chopper in the Mirror World, which the latter two had successfully taken over by capturing Charlotte Brûlée, and went in search of Brook and Luffy. They literally freed the musician from the clutches of the sleeping Big Mom before learning that Luffy and Sanji had also found each other again and reconciled. After informing the others of the true plans behind the wedding, the fish-man announced the plan to team up with Capone Bege to accomplish all of their goals at once.

Jinbe cuts his ties with Big Mom.

They all hid inside Bege’s body so they could attend the wedding unseen. When Luffy’s plan destroyed the wedding cake, Jinbe freed the Straw Hat from the clutches of Charlotte Katakuri before bravely standing in Big Mom’s way. He officially announced the end of their alliance and his joining of the Straw Hat Pirates. Seething with rage, Big Mom tried to steal his lifetime by means of her devil powers, but was unsuccessful, as Jinbe, in his own words, had none of the four emperors to fear as a member of the future King of Pirates. Despite their previous successes, the assassination attempt was nevertheless unsuccessful, so the alliance felt compelled to seek refuge in Capone’s body, which he transformed into a formidable fortress. Together, they found themselves at the mercy of the superior force of the Big Mom pirate gang as they searched for a way out of the perplexing situation. Although the Vinsmokes, Luffy, and Sanji stood against the Charlotte family, they were only finally saved when the Tamatebako abruptly exploded, bringing down the entire Whole Cake chateau. In the northwest of the island, the alliance temporarily split up and together they fled from the forces of the Big Mom pirate gang, who craved revenge.

Jinbe blocks the attack from Big Mom.

They reached the Forest of Seduction again when Big Mom appeared riding Zeus and gave the group a hard time. On the way through the forest, Jinbe enlightened the others about Big Mom’s illness and also managed to keep Prometheus at bay. Thanks to Pudding’s assistance, the group was finally able to reach the Thousand Sunny, which had been taken over by Katakuri and Perospero. It took Pedro’s self-sacrifice to save the Straw Hats from defeat and allow the Sunny to set sail. Jinbe exhorted the mourners to courage and hope before demonstrating his skills as a helmsman and navigating the Thousand Sunny within the “green space” of the massive tidal wave to ensure their escape from Big Mom’s fleet for the time being.

Despite their successes against the fleet and some powerful adversaries, the group suddenly found themselves facing Big Mom on their way to Cacao, so Jinbe warned the others to possibly abandon ship. He attacked Big Mom with Buraikan and thanks to their teamwork, they were able to shake off the Empress for now before the Fire Tank Pirates’ ship appeared on the horizon with the freshly baked wedding cake. So the Sunny made her way to Cacao to meet up with Luffy and Sanji. Off the coast of Cacao, the Thousand Sunny had to fend off attacks from the enemy fleet while they waited for Luffy and Sanji to return. The emerging Germa 66 fleet had their backs, so they were overjoyed to get Luffy and Sanji aboard. However, it was the Sun Pirates that finally helped them escape, with Wadatsumi saving the Thousand Sunny from an attack by Big Mom’s flagship. Jinbe then decided to stand by his old comrades and promised to meet up with them all on Wano Country, to which Luffy reluctantly agreed. Reluctantly, the Straw Hats and the others set sail for Wano Country and later successfully left Big Mom’s territory.

Raid on Onigashima

The Straw Hats United.

In fact, Jinbe also managed to escape for reasons as yet unexplained, so that he appeared off Onigashima on the day of the Fire Festival, when the naval battle between Luffy’s alliance and the Beasts Pirates was in progress. He sank one of the enemy’s ships, which was already destroying some of the allies’ ships from a great distance and threatening to sink the rest as well. He then officially introduced himself to everyone present as the newest member of the Straw Hat Pirates. They reached the island and after Jinbe hid the Thousand Sunny, he too infiltrated Onigashima in the guise of a beast pirate. At the main stage, he and Robin spotted the crucified Momonosuke, but kept quiet for the time being. So they watched as Kaidou announced the New Onigashima Project, however was attacked shortly after. When the battle began, he intervened with Robin and together they were able to transport Big Mom out of Kaidou’s mansion. The Straw Hat Pirates then gathered at the main stage. They advanced and encountered X. Drake, who was about to join the alliance.

Jinbe defeats Who’s Who

Despite all objections from Zoro, Franky and Jinbe, Luffy agreed. After a brief separation, Jinbe rejoined his captain, who was on his way to the roof with Sanji, and offered to help. They lost sight of Sanji on the third floor and made it to the fourth floor through the help of allied samurai. There, Jinbe had Luffy’s back so he could continue and confronted Who’s Who, whereupon a fight ensued. In the process, he also heard Sanji’s cries for help to Robin.

While the fight was still going on, they heard about Luffy’s supposed death, but Jinbe kept his cool, after which Momonosuke refuted the news and promised that Luffy would be back. However, the fight only turned out to be fair after Tama used her devil powers to draw many Gifters to the side of the Rebel Alliance. One of them, Poker, then took care of Who’s Who allies who had always interfered in the fight before. Now the fight could really begin and Who’s Who revealed its past, but Jinbe was not impressed. In his hybrid form, the fight continued and Who’s Who told of his imprisonment as well as “Sun God” Nika. However, Jinbe was not one to chat on Onigashima and ended the fight victorious with Onigawara Seiken. After the victory, Brook contacted him via Den-den Mushi and informed Jinbe to quickly get to the third level as the fire was spreading incessantly there.


Jinbe’s bronze statue inUto City, Kumamoto
  • He is a whale shark fish man, because Jinbee Zame means “whale shark”. Jinbee (Jinbe) alone refers to summer clothing for men, roughly the style of dress worn by Arlong’s people.
  • The name “Knight of the Sea” (jap. 海侠, Kaikyou) is also a pun on Kaikyou (jap. 海峡), which describes a “strait”.
  • Jinbe is also addressed as Jinbe-Oyabun (jap. 親分) in the original Japanese, both in his army days and as captain of the Sun Pirates. Since he is a pirate as well as a sort of godfather to the inhabitants of Fish Man Island, the designation also fits him very well. Because there is no adequate translation for Oyabun (Japanese for father), it is translated as Boss in the English edition of One Piece.
  • On July 23, 2022, a bronze statue of Jinbe was erected at Sumiyoshi Kaigan Park in Uto, Kumamoto, Kumamoto as part of the One Piece Kumamoto Revival Project. Eiichiro Oda specially contributed a colorful drawing he created himself. The statue was also set up as a Pokéstop for the game Pokémon Go.
  • According to his Vivre Card, Jinbe was originally supposed to actually be an antagonist controlling Arlong from the background.
  • According to the concept art from One Piece Magazine Vol. 10, Jinbe was originally supposed to be named Saigo (西郷) and be good friends with Zoro.
Sketches from
One Piece Magazine
Sketches from One Piece MagazineSketches from
One Piece Green
An early sketch of the Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece Magazine Vol. 10.

Information from the SBS

Jinbe as a child.
Jinbe, if he were female
Jinbes Jolly Roger (Image2)

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