Jigoro of One Piece

Jigoro of the Wind (jap. 風のジゴロウ, Kaze no Jigorō) was one of the zombie generals of Moria’s pirate gang and possessed Zoro’s shadow.


Jigoro was an old man and 59 years old at the time of his death. He had a half bald head with longer black hair. From his scarred and bandaged head, one could make out a few screws and a swan’s head. In addition, Jigoro possessed a small distinctive beard. He was also missing some teeth and on his neck was his number tattoo with the number 850. He wore a yellow tattered shirt with the words “YOUR SONG” and carried three swords just like his shadow owner Zoro. Around his stomach he had tied a red and black belly band called a haramakiwhich closely resembled Zoro’s. Around his waist he wore something resembling a Mawashiwhich fighters wear in sumo wrestling. The fringe on it is also called a “sagari.” Jigoro’s entire body was covered with scars and bandages. On his feet he wore dark blue socks and wooden sandals.


Since Jigoro contained Zoro’s shadow, the zombie general behaved accordingly. In his first appearance, he said that scars on the back were a disgrace to a swordsman. Luffy wondered about this sentence, as this was exactly in line with Zoro’s character. This trait of Zoro’s was not the only one. The swordsman also harbored a strong rivalry with the penguin zombie Inuppe, who had Sanji’s shadow intact. Even after the two zombies shed their old personalities, this character trait was so strong that even after they became obedient zombies, it still surfaced even though they were unaware of it.

Skills and strength

Jigoro also fought with three swords. This allowed him to perform the same attacks as Zoro, such as 108 Pound Hou, making him an exceedingly powerful swordsman. In addition, he was also powerfully built and Robin failed to keep him in check with her attacks, with even Moria later unable to break free from her grip.


Not much was known about Jigoro’s past, except that he was a master swordsman who once killed 7,000 pirates to protect his own family. He was also given the nickname of “Legendary Stubborn Old Guy”. At an unknown time, he then died. At some point, Dr. Hogback found his body and fixed it up for his master, Gecko Moria.


As the Straw Hat Pirates explored Thriller Bark, the Spider Mice moved in to capture one member after another to obtain their shadows. In the process, Zoro also fell into Gecko Moria’s hands, implanting his shadow into the zombie general Jigoro.

Then in the fight between Luffy, Franky and Robin with the Zombie Generals, he suddenly appeared. With a 36 Pound Hou he attacked Luffy, who of course immediately wondered why Zoro was attacking him. When he realized that his opponent was not Zoro at all, but Jigoro, Luffy was also already wrapped up by the spider mice in their webs and captured.

Jigoro’s 108 Pound Houis mixing it up.

During the counterattack by the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy, Robin and Chopper then encountered Hogback and Cindry with their companions Jigoro and Inuppe. This resulted in a battle between the Straw Hats Chopper and Robin. He had managed to overpower Robin, who tried in vain to put salt in his mouth. When Chopper managed to free himself from Inuppe, he attacked him with the 108 Pound Hou, almost catching Inuppe in the process. An argument sparked between the two. Like Sanji and Zoro, the two went at each other. The two were now no help to Hogback. Unfortunately for him, he also fell for a trick of Robin’s and accidentally ordered his subordinates to jump out of the building. Even while carrying out the order, the two argued over who would be the first to jump out of the castle. The two eventually crashed, eliminating them from the fight.

Then, when Moria used Shadow’s Asgard to reinforce itself after Oars’s final defeat, Jigoro also lost his shadow and was dead again.


  • His favorite dishes were white rice, meat from sea kings, and anything you can drink sake with.

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