Jewelry Bonney of One Piece

Jewelry Bonney, the“Wolverine“(jap. 大喰らい, Ō-Gurai), is the captain of the Bonney pirate gang and the only woman of the 11 Supernovae. These had gathered on the Sabaody Archipelago to advance to the New World.


Bonney before the time jump

Jewelry Bonney is a tall and slender woman with long pink hair. She usually wears a light green hat over it. She has a gold piercing under her right eye and she always puts on a little pink lipstick. Bonney dresses in a belly-baring white shirt with a large neckline and a thin brown jacket over it. Furthermore, she wears extremely short pants that are black and orange striped with suspenders. On her feet are wine-red knee socks, on which several yellow circles are connected with pink stripes. Over her knee socks she puts on brown heeled boots with a white trim at the top.


Bonney is in her element

Jewelry Bonney is also called a “glutton” and for good reason. In a restaurant she devoured tons of meat and pizza, which are apparently her favorite foods. She even ate a slice of pizza during her fight with the Navy. She is also a thoroughly brutal woman and is not afraid to fight. Bonney is a very dominant woman and even yelled at Zoro for a very long time for almost attracting an admiral. She didn’t let anyone contradict her on that either.


In action against the Navy.

Jewelry Bonney is one of the Supernovae and has a bounty of 140 million berries, which says quite a bit about her dangerousness. In addition, she has eaten from a devil fruit, the name of which is not yet known. With it, she can change the age of herself and others. For the first time, she used this power on herself to turn into a little girl. This allowed her to play Zoro’s little sister and fake his death. Later, she used it to incapacitate many marines, turning them into either infants or old men.


On the Sabaody Archipelago

Bonney jumps on top of Zoro; averts disaster

Jewelry Bonney arrived on the Sabaody Archipelago with her gang. There, they first went to a restaurant and she ate a lot of meat and pizza. Later she saw Zoro, who was about to attack the world aristocrat Saint Charlos, as he in turn shot at the swordsman. To avoid a confrontation with an admiral, she stopped Zoro’s attack and faked his death as his little sister. In the process, her devilish power came out for the first time. She changed her age, transforming into a little girl.

When it was announced that Luffy had attacked a world aristocrat, which would result in an admiral coming to the Sabaody Archipelago, she prepared to flee the archipelago. She was angry at Zoro and also at Luffy for being such idiots to attack the World Nobles. She still meant that if they met in the New World, she would finish them off. After Kizaru arrived, Bonney still hadn’t left as the harbor was full of navy soldiers. She sat down on a rooftop with her gang and ate pizza while turning all the soldiers into either old men or infants.

During the Great Battle

When the battle of the Whitebeard gang and the escapees from the Impel Down along with Luffy was already in full swing, Bonney was seen again on the Sabaody Archipelago. A member of her gang inquired about his captain, however he only received a “shut up” in response. Bonney held an arm over her eyes and cried for unknown reasons. Later, Bonney and her crew were seen sailing towards Fish-Man Island. As they did so, they watched the events on Marine Ford from a distance.

In the New World

Sakazuki talks to Bonney

After the war ended, it was Bonney who was sought and captured by Blackbeard. The latter’s gang saw Admiral Sakazuki’s ship looming on the horizon and made a headlong escape. Bonney they left behind on the island. Akainu, who had meanwhile landed on the island, asked Bonney where Blackbeard was. Upon learning that the latter had fled, Sakazuki told her that he was very worried when he heard that the Supernovae had fled from the World Government. Bonney yelled at him that she would never forgive them.

Back on the loose

Two years later, she had seemingly escaped the World Government again. Devouring pizza, Bonney read the latest daily newspaper announcing Donquixote Doflamingo’s resignation from the Seven Samurai. However, she may have also been interested in the news that seven former Supernovaes had joined together to form two alliances. Later, she was seen just stealing pizza in an unknown city as an old woman and sneaking away unnoticed as a child. Afterwards, she read about Luffy’s victory over Donquixote Doflamingo in the newspaper and was happy about it.

During the Levely

Jewelry Bonney was also present during the Levely in Mary Geoise. As Queen Mother Connie of the Kingdom of Sorbet, she successfully infiltrated the land of World Nobles. She mourned the death of Bartholomew Kuma, who was held as a slave by the World Nobles.


  • Her name is a reference to the pirate Anne Bonny, a pretty but quite brutal woman who did not hesitate to fight. (see also origin of the name)
  • In SBS volume 64 Bonney can be seen as a child.(Show picture / Hide)
  • In SBS Volume 68, Oda reveals the age of the Supernovae before the time jump, Bonney’s age is given here as 22, though with the note that her age is only estimated due to her devil fruit.
  • In SBS volume 72, Oda shows us what Bonney would look like if she were male.(show image [hide])
  • According to SBS volume 81, her favorite food is pizza (margherita) while she hates carrots.
  • In the SBS to Volume 82, Oda reveals that Jewelry Bonney’s hobbies are food and Jenga.
  • According to the SBS to Volume 88, Bonney would be a pizza maker from Australia in the real world.
  • When asked in the SBS to Volume 95 which plant and animal Bonney would most resemble, Oda answers freesia and deer.

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