Jesus Burgess of One Piece

Jesus Burgess, who likes to call himself “Champion” (jap. チャンピオン, Chanpion), is the helmsman in Blackbeard’s band of pirates. Two years later, he has risen to captain the first ship of Blackbeard’s pirate gang.


Burgess before the time jump

Jesus Burgess is a very tall muscular man with long purple hair. His clothing is designed to be extremely wrestler-like. So he wears a black wrestler mask, with an orange pattern, a sleeveless dark shirt as well as black bands on his elbows. On his legs he has white pants and plain black shoes on his feet. In addition, he is always seen wearing a large gold Championship belt.

During the time jump, Burgess has grown a curly beard. In addition, his figure has become far more muscular. During his appearance on Dress Rosa, he wears typical gladiatorial armor, consisting of an armored loincloth and high sandals. On his hands he wears black gloves. His right arm was also clad in an armored bracer and spiked shoulder armor. However, both broke during the tournament. Previously, he wore a paper bag on his head to disguise his true identity.


Jesus Burgess has full confidence in his powers and loves fighting. Just to demonstrate his strength, he defeated another pirate for no reason like this, but this also shows his inclination towards violence. He has also given himself the name“Champion“. However, if he is inferior to an opponent, Burgess also resorts to unfair means. In the fight against Sabo he provoked him, only to attack him with a dagger in a careless moment. Similar behavior was also evident in the Battle of Marine Ford, when Jesus Burgess and his band of pirates riddled the already badly battered Whitebeard with numerous pistol shots, killing him.

Skills and Strength

Due to his very muscular build, his physical strength is also correspondingly high. For example, he defeated a member of the Roshio Gang, though it is unknown how strong the person in question was. Also, in the fight against Ace, he was able to rip an entire house from its moorings and throw it over a greater distance. His leg strength is also exceptionally strong, as he jumped down from the royal palace to the second level on Dress Rosa without any problems.

In the Fire Fruit Tournament, he managed to win the A Block in the shortest amount of time without getting even the slightest scratch. Moreover, it was said that the participants of this block suffered particularly severe injuries, which is another proof of his incredible physical strength.

Furthermore, he seems to use a technique that is similar to Hasshoken. Thus, with just an elbow strike, he was able to create a shockwave that caused the entire Corrida Colosseum to shake, while also tearing a massive hole in the spectator stands. In addition, he has mastered the skills of busoushoku and kenbunshoku. This allowed him to cover his right elbow with Busoushoku, which took on the characteristic black coloration while parrying Lucy’s attack.

Burgess also seems to be a good shot, using two pistols as ranged weapons. After the time jump, he was also seen using a dagger. With this, he is presumably able to steal Devil Fruit from Devil Fruit users. How he does this, however, is unknown.


Attack on Drum

A few weeks before the Straw Hat Pirates docked in Drum, Blackbeard and his crew raided the winter island of Drum. This caused the tyrant Wapol to flee, inadvertently sparking a revolution in the land with their action. However, by the time Ace arrived on the island in search of the gang a short time later, they had disappeared.


The Blackbeard gang on Jaya

Jesus Won.

Jesus had unceremoniously defeated a member of the Roshio Pirates in Mocktown. Those present were shocked, as the captain of the Roshio gang was very dangerous. When Blackbeard learned that Luffy was in town, the gang set out to pursue him. However, the Straw Hat Pirates was currently in the knock up stream. In trying to follow them, the Blackbeard pirates’ ship was torn apart and they ended up in the water. Burgess wanted to shoot the Straw Hats down immediately, but Blackbeard said that as long as they were on the Grand Line, they would meet again.

Banaro Island – Blackbeard vs Ace

Ace finds the Blackbeard pirates

The Blackbeard gang was looting a town on Banaro when they found out in the paper that Luffy attacked Enie’s lobby and was now in Water 7. They were about to set out to attack him so Blackbeard could turn him over to the World Government in exchange for a samurai post, but that’s when Ace interfered: he wanted revenge for Thatch and a fight with Blackbeard. Van Augur and Jesus Burgess tried to attack Ace, but failed miserably against Ace’s devil power. So their captain fought him alone. Jesus and the other Blackbeard pirates watched the fight from a safe distance. In the process, the entire island was devastated. Blackbeard eventually emerged victorious from the fight and was elevated to the post of samurai, while Ace was handed over to the world government and was now to be executed.

Attack on Impel Down

The gang attacks Impel Down

While Luffy was trying to break out of Impel Down with his new allies, Blackbeard and his crew arrived there and gained access to the large prison. In the process, the entire gang slaughtered their way down to Level 4, where they encountered Luffy. After a short fight with Blackbeard, they split up again. Burgess’ captain wanted to continue his plan, but was stopped by Magellan, who defeated the entire gang with one attack and moved on. Shortly after, however, Shiryu appeared and gave each gang member an antidote, causing them to survive. Shortly after, he joined the gang.

Appearance in Marine Ford

The Blackbeard Gangkills Whitebeard.

After Ace was killed by Admiral Akainu, Whitebeard attacked him in anger and damaged the naval headquarters, the Blackbeard pirates were discovered, having been watching the fighting for a while. The gang had grown by now due to former inmates of Level 6 of the Impel Down. Thanks to Laffitte hypnotizing the marines in charge of the Gate of Justice, the gang got as far as Marine Ford. Later, Jesus Burgess and his gang attacked Whitebeard and killed him. Afterwards, the Blackbeard gang threw a black cloth over Whitebeard. Blackbeard went under it and appropriated Whitebeard’s devil power. This was when Sengoku finally intervened. The Grand Admiral transformed into a Daibutsu through his devil power and attacked the gang with a powerful shockwave.

After the war in the New World

Some time after the events in Marine Ford, the Blackbeard gang held Jewelry Bonney captive on an unknown island in the New World, but escaped when Akainu appeared.

Dress Pink – The Fire Fruit

Burgess talks to Blackbeard.

When Donquixote Doflamingo held a tournament in the Coliseum of Dress Rosa, where the winner could win the Fire Fruit of Ace, Jesus also participated. In the first round, the contestants fought divided into blocks as a Battle Royalewith only one gladiator winning. In the A Block battle, Jesus participated, fighting masked under the pseudonym “Mr. Store”. After winning the round, he took off the paper bag and revealed his true identity. When Luffy fought Don Chinjao, he joined Cavendish and Bartolomeo, who watched the duel from the gladiatorial stands. When the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates finally won against the ex-pirate, he got to know through the two rookies that the supposed Lucy was Luffy. This in turn was found very pleasing by the captain of the first ship of the Blackbeard Gang, at which he also laughed enthusiastically. He immediately spoke to his captain about a Den-den Mushi, with Burgess remarking that he didn’t trust Kuzan. But since Luffy crossed his path, he ended the subject and told his captain that the Straw Hat was now listening in. Teach was sure his man would win the Fire Fruit. At Luffy’s announcement not to let that happen, both Burgess and his captain laughed.

In the fight against Lucy.

He later re-entered the ring, along with Bartolomeo, Rebecca, Diamante, and the fake Lucy, to participate in the Battle Royal. When he was attacked by a struggling fish shortly after, he used his powers to defeat it with one punch and simultaneously hurl it at the audience. Immediately after, he engaged in an exchange of blows with Lucy, both clashing with Haki enhanced punches. Lucy managed to break Burgess’ bracers in the process. As the fight progressed, Burgess kept trying to attack Lucy, who deftly blocked the attacks and used them to damage the arena. When Usopp and Robin managed to knock out Sugar, Burgess was extremely shocked when Lucy collapsed the entire ring with just one attack. After Lucy ate the Fire Fruit, Burgess realized that it couldn’t be Straw Hat Luffy and was frustrated at losing the fruit to him.

Sabo defeats Burgess.

Jesus Burgess did not reappear until Luffy’s final battle against Doflamingo. After Luffy failed to maintain Gear 4 and needed to regenerate his Haki, Burgess jumped down to the second level from the Royal Palace. He planned to grab Luffy’s gum-gum fruit. He quickly appeared in front of Gatz and the injured Luffy, but was unable to lay a hand on them as Sabo blocked Burgess’ attack in time. When Sabo declared that he was going to take care of Burgess, the latter realized that Lucy in the Coliseum had been Sabo, as he was in possession of the Fire Fruit. As a result, Burgess had it in for Sabo and the two began their fight. Burgess was clearly outmatched by Sabo, however, so he tried to provoke Sabo. With a dagger, he planned to attack him in a careless moment. Sabo then catapulted him into the next row of houses with a fire fist, injuring him severely.

Attack on Baltigo

Burgess located the headquarters of the revolutionaries.

After fighting Sabo, Burgess dragged himself onto a ship, badly injured, and hid there. He then lost consciousness and thus was unable to contact his crew. When he woke up again, he contacted Laffitte via Den-den Mushi. Laffitte told him that the Blackbeard gang had already searched for him on Dress Rosa, but could not find him. When asked about his current whereabouts, Burgess replied that although he did not know the island, he had apparently landed on a Revolutionary ship and was now at Revolutionary headquarters. Burgess asked that the Blackbeard gang seek him out by means of his vivre card and that, in any event, Doc Q should come along to treat his serious injuries.

As it later turned out, the Blackbeard Gang had indeed attacked and completely destroyed Baltigo. Before the navy and Cipher Pol arrived on Baltigo, the Blackbeard gang fled. The whereabouts of Dragon and Sabo’s revolutionaries, as well as Burgess’ whereabouts, remained unknown for the time being.


  • His name may have come from Captain Samuel Burgess. He was a member of Captain William Kid’s crew when he was seized in 1690.
  • Like many characters, Burgess has a unique laugh. With him, it’s a “Wiiihahaha!”
  • His favorite dish is protein.

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