Jessica of One Piece

Jessica is the wife of Vice Admiral Jonathan and the head cook at Navarone Naval Fortress (G8).

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The cook Jessica has blond hair. She has a red ribbon around her neck and the sleeves of her white chef’s robe are rolled back. Otherwise, an apron is still visible and occasionally you see her with a chef’s hat.


Jessica is a capable woman who is tough with her subordinate cooks. She yelled at a few of them and slapped them in the face because the cooks were talking about the latest happenings in the fortress. She also dutifully ensures that her husband Jonathan is fed properly and often serves him vegetables, much to his displeasure.


Jessica is in her element

As the head cook of a large naval base, it can be assumed that she must be a very good cook. She has dozens of other cooks reporting to her, with whom she must prepare meals for over 1,000 soldiers every day.


Work in the kitchen

In Jessica’s kitchen there is order

Jessica’s first appearance featured her in the kitchen. There she worked with the other cooks of Navarone to have food ready in time for the marines from the night shift. She reprimanded some of her cooks who were talking about the news, namely the ship that had fallen from the sky into the fortress.

The Teachings of Sanji – Straw Hats in the G8 Kitchen

Sanji impresses with his cooking skills

After the various members of the Straw Hat Pirates were dispersed throughout the fortress after they landed, Sanji and Luffy ended up in the kitchen. There they were immediately mistaken for the Marley Brothers, top chefs from Mary Geoise. The chefs complained about them until Jessica appeared on the scene and told them they had to prove themselves first. Sanji did so by simply taking the leftovers of the Navarone chefs’ dish and divulging tips along the way. The others were impressed by this. After Luffy ate all the portions prepared by the Navarone chefs, they were about to leave again, but were stopped by Jessica. She told them they would be part of her team from now on, which the other chefs and marines present were visibly pleased about.

The new menu – The escape of the straw hats

Jessica And Her Husband Watch The Straw Hats Escape

After Sanji and Luffy left the kitchen again, having been revealed as the wanted pirates, naval soldiers complained about the food. Sanji had left them a note with recipes, and it was only with difficulty that the cooks managed to convince Jessica to take it here. But before that, she had also turned away the real cooks from Mary Geoise. Later, Jessica was also present at the escape of the Straw Hat Pirates. She stood with her husband on the balcony of his study and watched as the straw hats flew away with the help of the octopus.


  • Navarone’s chefs, like those at Baratié, struggle with oversized cutlery.

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