Jean Goen of One Piece

Jean Goen is a level 1 prisoner at Impel Down maximum security prison.


Jean Goen is a man of average height with about shoulder-length brown hair. He has a prominent Z-shaped scar that extends from his right temple across his eye and over his nose. He is missing a few teeth and has a slight beard. Like all Impel Down inmates, he wears a horizontal black and white striped convict uniform. He has also been handcuffed.


When Luffy infiltrated the maximum security Impel Down prison in search of Portgas D. Ace, he passed by Jean’s cell, which he shared with many other prisoners. Jean Goen knew Ace was being held there, however he assumed him to be level 5 and seemed to be unaware of level 5.5 and level 6. He thought freeing Luffy’s brother was impossible, but he asked the Straw Hat if he could get the keys to their cells. Accordingly, he described the encounter with Luffy as fate.


  • His name was first revealed in Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia.

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